Deep Sea Collagen Essence : 深海膠原胜月太精華原液

August 31, 2009

Gosh. Time flies. It's almost the end of Merdeka day and the start of September.

And do you know not only MAC has new prices starting effective Sept 1? Our petrol prices will also changed starting tomorrow! >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
I've talk about the moisturizer in my earlier post. This is the hydrating serum or you can call it an essence.

From the website:

It says: (I'm doing a "Agak-agak" direct translation,okay. no pro here. :P)
1. Maintain youth
2. Firming & Lifting
3. Eliminates fine lines

From the box.

The ingredients and notes:

Sticker from the bottle :)

Just like any serum that I own from Niu Er. Here's how it looks like.

Spreading out onto the skin....

The Product: 30ML
Price that I bought this: RM50 +- (I don't quite remember the exact price already, sorry -_-")

My thoughts for this product:
Like any other serum/essence that I used, it is very lightweight, quite watery (as Purified water it is the 1st main ingredient in the list) and absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. The consistency is a little thicker than the usual toner. It felt like nothing after application (2-3 mins later) . I used this before my moisturizer. Does it claims like what it says on the description? Well, frankly speaking. I don't feel anything. Eliminates fine lines or firming/lifting. Nada aka None. -_-" How about Smell? I don't feel it does has any smell to it as well.

Cons? A little drying I would say after it is applied onto the skin. My skin does not even feel supple as well. But with the same range of its moisturizer , my skin does feel hydrated and supple. :)

Will I buy it again? Sadly to say, I don't think so.

Anyway, I do hope Niu Er can have a thicker consistency in their serums (and of coz, the price that we pay for may double or even triple with it :P).

Make Up Art Cosmetics Collection in Penang, and a little rant...

August 28, 2009

I know, I know. KL has already lunch this Make up Art Cosmetic Collection already. But Penang not yet ma.. :P

And they are going to launch in Sept 4 through 14 if I'm not mistaken. :) Such a good timing.

You know why? Because MAC is having a price "adjustment" to some of their products starting Sept-1. (*tsk tsk*, our pay also never increase that frequently)

I have also confirmed with my regular MUA and she says they do increase their products every year. I know, but more than once already this year. -_-"

For example..
Previously in Year 2006, MAC Brush cleanser is RM39. Then now RM40. But Sept 1, 2009 is RM45. rolleyes
Fix + from RM62, Sept 1 will be RM68.
Clear lipglass, Plushgloss all +RM5.
Same goes to their foundations, most of it +RM5. From normal RM115 to RM120.

Gosh, almost RM5 difference! 1 Meal already. (Hawker meal, I mean).

Here comes the ridiculous ones.
Mineralized Blush. I bought it for RM85 in Mar 09 (is already a new price then), and guess what.... RM95 (effective Sept-1). RM10 man!
Prep & Prime face visage and skin refiner was RM90. After Merdeka, it would be RM98. So those who love their P&P, can try to get a back up already. :P

Those smaller price increase would be their all time concealers. Studio Finish and Moisture cover both +RM3, so it's RM68.
The same goes with Fluidliners, Mascaras and shadesticks as well.

Anyway, since now is the last few days to shop (especially during Merdeka sale), why not go visit your nearest MAC counters? :)

Happy Merdeka and Happy Holidays people!

Deep Sea Collagen Gel with Hyaluronic Acid :玻尿酸深海膠原水凝凍

August 24, 2009

Looking back at my previous posts of my moisturizers from Niu Er 牛尔, I noticed that I finished up my moisturizers about 2 months on average. Geez, I thought that was pretty fast indeed (whereas my money "printed" out much slower than that. :P )

For this range, I noticed it wasn't in the normal moisturizers range that they have whereas they category Deep Sea Collagen Gel With HA (HERE) under "Night Care". If I'm not wrong in my translation, these are "Anti-aging" range.

This is what I got..

In English and it's ingredients...

In Chinese.

The leaflet that comes with it. (Sorry, it's in Chinese... >.<)

For the moisturizer with HA. It says for all skin types. :D

And as usual, they don't have "fancy fancy" designs for their moisturizers. Quite boring right. :P

And the yummy yummy food for my skin. :D

Argh, I didn't noticed that I didn't take any pic of this. But I assure you that this is colorless, which is like the former Advance Hydrating Creme that I had used.

Compared between the two...

No doubt the Deep Sea moisturizer is bigger than the HA range.

The Product: 50ML (the HA range is 30g)
Price that I bought this: RM56 (from, as usual) ; it's 420元 in Payeasy

My thoughts for this product:
I have been using this for about 2 months already (as my usual moisturizer) and it's hitting the bottom soon (I know I'm always late in reviewing :P) . If I could compare between the Advance Hydrating Creme EX2 and this one, I prefer the former. Why?
  1. Deep Sea (not sure if it's from the sea, LOL!) is more thick in consistency, hence the absorbing time to the skin is slower.
  2. A little sticky (because it's thick).
Well, this is only a comparison between the Advance Hydrating Creme EX2 and Deep Sea Collagen Gel with HA. I suspect it may be because of "collagen" thats why it is sticky. But then again, my skin feels more hydrated than Advance Hydrating Creme EX2 . Both moisturizers are gel base not cream base which is why I LOVE them (less oily , YAY!).

I read from a few beauty bloggers that Garnier has their new Aqua Defense range which is something like this as well, but I feel that it contains quite high in Alcohol Denat in it (I don't know why but I just felt uneasy about it, sorry -_-"). But still, thumbs up for Skincology for having soothing gel moisturizers like these. :P

Cons? None. Oh ya, it has a little smell. But I'm not sure what it was (it wasn't anything smelly or so). So, don't worry about it! ;)

Price comparison between the two...
Advance Hydrating Creme EX2 : RM50 for 30 ML : RM1.67 /per ML
Deep Sea Collagen Gel with HA: RM56 for 50ML: RM1.12 / per ML

BTW, here's what I got from's website. :P

玻尿酸深海膠原水凝凍 Deep Sea Collagen Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

Saturate thirsty skin with moisture. Using our remarkably hydrating gel rich in deep sea collagen, hyaluronic acid and botanicals. Rapidly boosts skin's moisture level, restoring balance. To comfort, soften and smooth in a flash. Plump up fine dry lines.


I also got the Deep Sea Essence, but I'll talk about this in my next post, hopefully soon! ;)

ROHTO Acnes Sunscreen 淨痘隔離乳SPF50+ PA++

August 22, 2009

私の大好きな生産物!!! <-- My Favourite Product ^_^

Okay, I got nothing better to do so I went on and translate English to Japanese. :P

Rohto is one of the Japanese brand and from my opinion, I feel more "secure" (or safe in other words) when using Japanese products compared to Korean ones. Or maybe you can say I'm bias :P. Sorryyy Korean Product fans~. -_-

If you do a quick search on Google, you'll find these pictures under "Rohto Sunblock" search.

Now now, I know. You may say "I don't see any ROHTO wording here".

You know why? Actually I don't know why but they put the "Rohto" name behind the product carton.

See? Weird right. :P

So "coincidentally" I bought MAC's concealer so I thought I got them both to do a sizing comparison...

The product description... In Japanese in case you know Japanese language... (In case you do know, can you translate for me too? :P )

The amaaazing product:

Yeah, it is a skin-colored sunblock!

The product: 30g
Price: RM38 - RM45 (Depending on different supplier)

As usual, I got it from .I also found out that she does has an ebay account HERE as well (in case you want them in English ;) )

Here are my thoughts...
Like I said earlier, this is my favourite product. Before that, I've been using @Nature's sunblock and they are quite oily for my liking. Rohto Sunblock is different compared to @Nature's one, it's non-oily and the best is that it has SPF 50 + which is much higher than the @Nature's one.

I also got one of my colleague friend to try them (she has acne-prone + oily skin) and guess what, this sunscreen does look matte on her from morning til evening! weee! :D

But here's the negative part..
Rohto sunblock contains color (skin-colored) and this may cause a little "grey-cast" streaks if it is not blended well on the face. Also, it dries up pretty fast and you'll need to be quick to blend them in. I also don't recommend this sunblock to those who have dry / dehydrated skin as it may be too drying for for the skin. :)

Would I buy this product again?
Hell yes! I'm already on my second bottle and too bad it's only 30g and I almost use one full bottle of Rohto sunscreen per Month!

Wonder how much did I apply each time?
I apply about 20cents (Malaysian Currency) each time but I seperated it into two times. I applied and wait for about 5 mins (I put on my clothes during this time :P ) and applied the second layer after that.

In short, sunscreen is a must have in every skin care last routine (after moisturizer) as we don't want to get pigmentation at the later stage. Also, remember to use cleansing oil/milk to get them off the skin as it's considered as "make up".

Here's the chinese description that I've found on some websites in case you are interested with it.

SPF50+,PA++ :紫外線是造成青春痘惡化的原因之一!加強日常防曬隔離SPF50 PA++,才能保護細緻肌膚 ,不曬黑曬傷!
抗菌舒緩 :含Isopropyl methylphenol淨痘成分,能幫助舒緩痘痘肌膚的不適!
皮脂吸收 :能吸收多餘皮脂,持續保持肌膚不泛油光
防止肌膚問題 :添加維他命E,避免皮膚過度被氧化,添加維他命B6及迷迭香萃取物,能保濕滋潤,維持肌膚彈性妝前使用,低刺激性,無香料

My Lip Stuff Balm - Mixed Mystery

August 20, 2009

I have a bad habit of licking my lips. No, I'm not talking about licking my lips when I'm eating cool

Also, I don't really wear lipsticks or lip gloss because I would be very afraid that those lip color would get into my body and I'll eat up more lip color than my lip would have. LOL. (Well, that's me thinks eh.. )

My chapped lips has never gone better without MLS. And seriously, they have tons of flavours to choose from, with some interesting flavours that you'll never thought of (ie. dog poop, cat pee -_-").

Well, because I'm not sure which flavour to start with, I'll talk about Mixed Mystery instead.

Ya, what you see above is what you get. The drawback of this is that the wordings will get blurred and smeared if you get the balms wet. -_-

Here's how it looks like.

Like any normal balms that you would get, these MLS balms are colorless. And if you look at the photo, it has a slight sheen to it and makes your lips look moisturized but I think it looked a little more "wet" than Vintage Sister's Lip Balm.

On the lips:

Side way:

Here's a quick comparison with Vintage Sister's balms.

Well, what would I think of the two?

Vintage Sister's balms is different where you can slap on thousands multiple layers of it and it would NOT make my lips look "plumpy". However, because of the packaging that Vintage Sister has, it makes me has less desire to reach them because I do not want to bring my lip brush nor dirty my pinky for it. :(

In terms of moisturizing, MLS feels more moisturized and last a lil' longer than Vintage Sister's balms. And of coz, MLS has 400+++ (the number goes on) of flavours to choose from which is more than Vintage Sister's balms. mrgreen

Here's some of my personal favourites from MLS (that I've tried) :
1. Double Mint : I'm a mint lover so this is really nice and cooling on me lips.
2. Shamrock Shake : Vanilla + lil' mint (got mint then I'm happy actually :P )
3. Mango Sherbet : Yummy (don't the name sounds delicious? )

Interesting Flavours that you might want to try ( some of the experience from my previous Spreers HERE)
1. Sex on the beach (kinky name eh? :P)
2. Monkey Fart
3. Pancake and Syrup (I have personally tried but not quite a fan of it though..)
4. Rainbow Sherbet
5. Cookies and Cream

BTW, MLS does personalized their balms too. They replace "My Lip Stuff" with your name or you can do a "couple" balm too (ie. Bobby & Mary) . Cool eh?

But of coz, the price are different.

The normal balm's detail....
The balm: 0.15oz
The price: $2.20

They shipped worldwide but if you are keen on trying 1 stick of it, they do ship for free as well! ;)

Last but not least, the ingredients of the delicious balms...

Vitamin K Eye Circle Creme :Skincology 維他命K眼霜

August 16, 2009

I reviewed about my Astaxanthin eye cream four months back. And that time my eye cream was running really low so I have to get a new one. So I got this, again, from Niu Er's Bio Beauty range.

The packaging..

Instructions in Chinese.

I did a little search on Vit K, or so called Phytonadione.

From Medicine Plus:
Phytonadione (vitamin K) is used to prevent bleeding in people with blood clotting problems or too little vitamin K in the body. Phytonadione is in a class of medications called vitamins. It works by providing vitamin K that is needed for blood to clot normally in the body.
In short, with Vit K (aka Phytonadione), this eye cream is said to heal/lightens dark circles.

And do you know that this is my second bottle already? ;)

Let me show you more before I tell you why I'm still all strings attached with this baby..

The eye cream packaging...

The "healer" of eye bags!

The pump...

Noticed the pump of this? It's short right? So when the cream hits the bottom, you'll need a spatula to get it out, so it's quite troublesome also. (Cut points already!)

Another thing is this...

The fragility of the bottle. It cracks really easily (especially you got a clumsy girl like me :P ).

The magical eye cream....

My thoughts: (results might differ for each person)
  1. Consistency is quite thick for this one. However, it absorbs into the skin fairly fast as well (which I think it absorbs faster than my previous Astaxanthin eye cream.)
  2. It has a little tea tree kinda smell in it and quite soothing to me.
  3. It brightens my under eye area, however if you have dark eye circles/eye bag, I don't think it will bring any miracle to it...
  4. I even dab it on my pimple scar and it really does brighten up and lightens it!
  5. I guess it might not work (as in lightens the dark circle area) if you use it consistently for months and I suggest alternate it with other eye creams that you have. ;)

In case you are wondering, here's how I apply my eye cream..

- I gently pat the eye cream (like the dots) until it fully absorbs. I don't really "swipe" it coz I think it will pull our skin--> loosen the firmness(?) at the eye area)
- The arrows pointed upwards is where I swipe the eye cream upwards so that it gives my eye some sort of "lifting" to it (since I have quite a droopy eyelid >.<) Hope this helps for anyone who wants to know about eye cream! ;) The product: 15g

Price: RM65-RM70 (Price differs from online stores, just google and you'll get them ;) )

Advance Hydrating Primer Treatment Essence : 玻尿酸酵母保濕青春露

August 14, 2009

Do you ever taken so many photos of something that you totally forgot about it? Well, I do. And when I look through my old achieve of my photo album, I have tons of pictures of my skin care that I "was" intended to post up last time. Geez.

OK. Back to the topic.

This is called a hydrating primer treatment essence.

I don't know why Niu Er actually named it this way, but from their Payeasy website, this was considered one of their toner range. This is my second bottle already, because I dropped the first bottle (don't ask! -_-").

Comes in a plain white packaging.

The description in Chinese. (Click to enlarge)

What's so interesting about this essence is this one below...

Noticed the highlighted part? Holy Water! LOL!

But the thing is, it doesn't really feels like water. It's more like a watery type of serum, a stickier consistency than a normal toner.

The packaging is made of glass.

And mind you, this is really really fragile. Coz the body is so smooth and feels slippery on my hands. (or maybe blame it on my clumsiness :P )

Again, in English...

The dispenser.

Anyway, in case you are wondering...the essence "swatch" LOL!

I normally use it with my hands and gently pat them on my face. I don't really use cotton pad that much because the essence is a lil' stickier (and would be wasteful if the cotton pad absorbs it more than my skin does).

It really hydrates my skin well, and sometimes I even skipped my serum and straight away slap on my moisturizer. So far these Niu Er Products suits me well (and might differ from each person), and I loved them! :D Would I buy them again? Probably yes!

On and all, in case you want to know..My skin routine is normally like this..
(1) Cleanser --> Toner (the essence above) --> Serum --> Moisturizer.
(2) Cleanser --> Toner --> Moisturizer.
(3) Cleanser --> Scrub --> Mask --> Toner --> Serum --> Moisturizer.

Last but not least... the "jewels" behind the essence..

PS: I got this from ; You can actually pre-order from her as well in case you are interested (you'll need to register as a member in her e-shop and leave her a message there).