Make Up Art Cosmetics Collection in Penang, and a little rant...

August 28, 2009

I know, I know. KL has already lunch this Make up Art Cosmetic Collection already. But Penang not yet ma.. :P

And they are going to launch in Sept 4 through 14 if I'm not mistaken. :) Such a good timing.

You know why? Because MAC is having a price "adjustment" to some of their products starting Sept-1. (*tsk tsk*, our pay also never increase that frequently)

I have also confirmed with my regular MUA and she says they do increase their products every year. I know, but more than once already this year. -_-"

For example..
Previously in Year 2006, MAC Brush cleanser is RM39. Then now RM40. But Sept 1, 2009 is RM45. rolleyes
Fix + from RM62, Sept 1 will be RM68.
Clear lipglass, Plushgloss all +RM5.
Same goes to their foundations, most of it +RM5. From normal RM115 to RM120.

Gosh, almost RM5 difference! 1 Meal already. (Hawker meal, I mean).

Here comes the ridiculous ones.
Mineralized Blush. I bought it for RM85 in Mar 09 (is already a new price then), and guess what.... RM95 (effective Sept-1). RM10 man!
Prep & Prime face visage and skin refiner was RM90. After Merdeka, it would be RM98. So those who love their P&P, can try to get a back up already. :P

Those smaller price increase would be their all time concealers. Studio Finish and Moisture cover both +RM3, so it's RM68.
The same goes with Fluidliners, Mascaras and shadesticks as well.

Anyway, since now is the last few days to shop (especially during Merdeka sale), why not go visit your nearest MAC counters? :)

Happy Merdeka and Happy Holidays people!


Sarah said...

Hi Sue, saw your blog when I was looking for some reviews. Here in US, they do increase their prices as well. =(

Jenn said...

OMG really??? I better chiong and find Joanne the moment i get home tomorrow then!! haha!! :D

I hope they don't raise the prices for the brushes! T_T

hevn said...

*toot* *toot* *toot*

ALright! Thanks for the heads up! I needed to restock my P&P

plue said...

horrible! and i love my mineralized blushes!

maybe i shud have expected it, since my grand duos i got them at rm95? omg, does it means future LE releases of those would be touching rm100? CILAKA lor!

Sue said...

Jenn: LOL! Unfortunately, the brush price will also increase a little I heard. :(

Sue said...

hevn: hahaha. Yeah. That one I think became too famous in MAC already. That's why they are hiking their price so they can earn more. Argh. MAC MAC. tsk tsk!

Sue said...

plue: Yalor. :( My MUA say they increase / adjust their price EVERY year. Sigh. 4 months to go and it's 2010 already. Dunno what's next. -_-

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