Deep Sea Collagen Essence : 深海膠原胜月太精華原液

August 31, 2009

Gosh. Time flies. It's almost the end of Merdeka day and the start of September.

And do you know not only MAC has new prices starting effective Sept 1? Our petrol prices will also changed starting tomorrow! >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
I've talk about the moisturizer in my earlier post. This is the hydrating serum or you can call it an essence.

From the website:

It says: (I'm doing a "Agak-agak" direct translation,okay. no pro here. :P)
1. Maintain youth
2. Firming & Lifting
3. Eliminates fine lines

From the box.

The ingredients and notes:

Sticker from the bottle :)

Just like any serum that I own from Niu Er. Here's how it looks like.

Spreading out onto the skin....

The Product: 30ML
Price that I bought this: RM50 +- (I don't quite remember the exact price already, sorry -_-")

My thoughts for this product:
Like any other serum/essence that I used, it is very lightweight, quite watery (as Purified water it is the 1st main ingredient in the list) and absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. The consistency is a little thicker than the usual toner. It felt like nothing after application (2-3 mins later) . I used this before my moisturizer. Does it claims like what it says on the description? Well, frankly speaking. I don't feel anything. Eliminates fine lines or firming/lifting. Nada aka None. -_-" How about Smell? I don't feel it does has any smell to it as well.

Cons? A little drying I would say after it is applied onto the skin. My skin does not even feel supple as well. But with the same range of its moisturizer , my skin does feel hydrated and supple. :)

Will I buy it again? Sadly to say, I don't think so.

Anyway, I do hope Niu Er can have a thicker consistency in their serums (and of coz, the price that we pay for may double or even triple with it :P).

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