Astaxanthin Age-Defying Eye Creme 牛尔虾红素红颜莹白平纹眼霜

April 12, 2009

Yes. Another one from Niu Er (牛尔). Even though this looks like a tube of face cream, but in fact, it is an eye cream. (Yeah, I seriously need this even though I haven't hit the Three Zero Stage. I just can't stand the little fine lines at my eye area, argh!)

This eye cream is from the Astaxanthin (红虾素)range and can be found in Niu Er's website.

Wondering what is Astaxanthin? Some facts that I've found online:
Astaxanthin is a powerful biological antioxidant, especially effective at preventing lipid peroxidation, with up to 500 higher efficacy than vitamin E, and up to 10 times stronger than beta-carotene.

Astaxanthin has a number of essential biological functions, ranging from protection against oxidation of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, protection against UV-light effects, pro-vitamin A activity and vision, immune response, pigmentation, and communication, to reproductive behaviour and improved reproduction

Astaxanthin protects against cell death.

Pretty cool right? Can we say bye bye to wrinkles and pigmentation already? :D

The packaging when I first got it. In RED color. So "Ong!". :P

The label behind of the eye cream.

Chinese translation (apologized my poor Chinese dictionary):
Helps lighten and prevent wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area,and also brightening and lifting up the eye area.

Please excuse the mess. :) This eye cream is going to hit the bottom real soon!

Eye cream on the hand. The illustration below is to show you that it does not leave any shiny /dewy effect upon application (I'm not able to show you how it will "lighten / brighten" the skin area with just one application on the hand, LOL!).

On the eye. It does help a little in minimizing / lightening the small wrinkles around the eye area. But not immediate results though, it needs at least 1.5 weeks to see the results of this.

The box and its description.

The Ingredients and English description.

Price: 500NT (After direct conversion is about RM55+-)

Overall Review:
When I got this eye cream for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the smell of this eye cream! I'm not a big fan of perfumes and fragrance (ie. L'occitane Honey mask just make me faint on the spot :P ) but this one just took me away! (LOL!). The texture wise, it is creamy and smooth and I can smooth it out easily without rubbing/massage it onto the skin area.

However, this eye cream absorbs fairly slow, hence it requires some "patting time" to absorb into the eye area (another reason is because our eye area doesn't have pores as well!). Since, this eye cream also does not come with a spatula, I've to scoop it out every time (not so hygienic) with my fingers (Before I got hold of my spatula).

The results of using this eye cream is not obvious, but overall love how soft and radiant my eye area becomes, right after applying it.

Will I re-purchase this? Hm.. If only I've no other choice. wink

Overall Rating:

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