Vintage Sister Lip Balms Review

April 26, 2009

Aren't they just cute?! mrgreen

The first time I saw them on Vintage Sister's website, I just couldn't resist them and I told myself I just gotta have my hands lips on them! And now I got them. And I bet it'll take me ages to finished them (Greedy me..). razz

I "used" to love MLS a lot but because they are so moisterizing, it accentuates my uber-thick-sausage lips... -_-" Sorry, MLS!

With Vintage Sister's balms, I can apply as much as I like without having the shine on! And they are really yummy as well! mrgreen

Aren't Vintage Sister's balm the smallest of em' all? mrgreen

Size comparison....

With my MLS balm...

I tried Vanilla ice cream and they do really tasted like Vanilla! Yum!

One thing that I dislike is their tin packaging...

Even though they do look cute, but then the "sliding up and down" of the balm just got my fingers dipped into it. *Grr..* If only they could make them into tubes....

Oh, Vintage Sister categorized these balms into two. One is Lip Indulgence and the other is Lip Licker. Lip Indulgence's flavour is to cater for those who love "wild" flavours like Magarita & Devil's Fruit Cake, while Lip Licker line caters more toward traditional flavours (those days when we were lil' kids) such as Gummy Bear and Bubblegum.

The price of each balm is $3.95, which I think is reasonable. Other brands such as MLS ($2.20) and Crazy Rumors ($4.00) for a tube of balm.

And with the price, we also get almost DOUBLE the quantity compared to MLS's / Crazy Rumors (0.15oz) balms!

Here's a lil' swatch of the Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream..

On my "sausage" lips..

The yummy ingredients..

Overall Review:
- Yummy flavours!
- Almost shine free!
- Moisterizing score would be (4 out of 5)

- The Tin Packaging

Price: $3.95 for 0.25oz of balm

My rating for this balm: (I loved it even though the sliding tins are abit annoying! :P)

PS: They shipped worldwide too!

PS again.. they've got some Spring flavours as well! You just got to check them out! :D


Traclyn Yeoh said...

Oh dear I love vintage tin packaging like this. I first saw lipbalms in this when I was in Melbourne. Went into a shop with heaps of comics, anime, manga and figurines. Somehow I spotted vintage tin packaging and I think they look great. I have not use them till now though.

You gotten vanilla flavor. I love vanilla too, the smell of it just overwhelming, calming and delicious

Jenn said...

Oh they look so cute!!! too bad they come in tins... a lazy girl like me doesn't want to wash her lipbrush every day... hahaha!! :P

LyNn said...

how much are they in rm.
ya i agree about the packaging.
uber cute but finger digging is ewww
maybe they should attach a small lip brush retrievable when you slide up?
but mls cheaper right?

p/s: this reminded me of elf's product.
so uber cute!

Sue said...

@Traclyn: Yalor. Should come in tubes. More lips-friendly. :D

@Jenn: I agree. I don't think they'll attached a brush for this... :X

@Lynn: If convert directly without the shipping is about RM14.62 (US1 : RM3.7) ..

Compared to MLS, VS is slightly cheaper, coz the amount you get is a lil' more than MLS~ :D

Connie De Alwis said...

oohh!! I've been wanting to get this for the longest time! But I was waiting for a spree :p I don't like buying in bulk the first time. eck.

kavukz said...

waaaaa!the packaging itself is a HOTSTUFF!wat more to say if we put it on!muahahahaha

Sue said...

@Connie.. LOLs! But the shipment is quite expensive eh..

@kavukz, yeah. So cute right! :D

hannahlicious said...

i want those!
how much do they ship to malaysia?
thanx! :D