Showing off my Coastal Scents Haul :P

September 5, 2009

Seriously butt fingers itchy here. Wanted to show off my most recent haul from Coastal Scents actually. (coz can't think of what to write today, LOL!)

What I got here was:
  • Brush guards , the variety pack ones.
  • Synthetic Fine Liner Brush (this one is great! Has a ultra-fine tip! Much better than my previous one).
  • Gel liner in True Black (coz I don't really have one black liner).
  • Coastal Scents Smacks (my first tube since I saw a lot of reviews on this one).
They included one free sample which is the tiny little container right above my Smacks. :D A lilac colored loose mineral eyeshadow.

Among all these, I have used the pencil liner and the True Black liner. I'm pretty impressed with the brush seriously but as for the gel liner, it smudges like crazy. Or maybe I have oily lids. But my previous Indigo Blue behaves really well! Argh. Even my BF ask me why I have panda eyes. @_@

But I will review these soon! :D

PS: Most of the time, Coastal scents has their weekly "Friday sale". Sometimes they really have great deals, so do keep a look out for their sales as it do saves a lot of our "blood sweat" money. LOL.


Jenn said...

Nice new layout Sue!! :D

I'm really curious about the liner brush!! It looks raelly nice!! :D

Can't wait for your review on your new stuff! :D

hevn said...

Oooo, new layout! Me likey

I'm actually more curious about the gel liner instead of the brush, LOL!

Smudges? I keep wondering if I should buy it after my Bobbi Brown finishes, what's your opinion?
Is it worth it? Or should I stick to BB or switch to MAC fluidline even...

Sue said...

Hi Jenn,
Hahaha. Sure will. :)haha.

Sue said...

Hie Ashley :)

I think you should go with the later. This CS gel liner in True black does smudge on me. -_-