Diorskin Extreme Fit Supermoist Powder Foundation review

January 4, 2009

I'm sure Dior is seriously and dangerously famous with their lipgloss.

Little did I know they also have quite a good range of powder foundation too until I brought this back home ...

I did always raved about how I always love my Chanel but when I touch Dior's powder, it is silky smooth and super fine. *squeals*

Dior came out with their new range of supermoist line about 2 months ago and the SA told me that this range suits our hot and humid weather in Malaysia. And I do agree with that after using it for a month plus now.

The box:

and the description:

The refill comes with a sponge and it is packed quite elegantly with its crystal-like plastic casing.

I must say it does look more classy than my Shu's and Chanel's refill packaging.rolleyes

Up close of the foundation:

And of course, the results: (pls excuse my large pores. -_-)

Overall reviews:
Diorskin extremefit supermoist does not streak or cake after 4-5 hours for me. The powder is smooth and fine, but it is not as powdery as Shu U's or ZA's two way. I think it is comparable between Chanel's Mat lumiere powder foundation though. It does not provide any dewy/glow effect but it does gave a matte finish which is why I adore it. Coverage wise, it does give an almost full coverage for me, not too heavy but just nice.

However, I felt that to get a 90% matched skintone color code is quite difficult though.

010 code for me is a tad too whitish and I think 020 should be a better match. The SA initially recommend me to get the lighter color code and luckily I didn't get it. So it is best to test the colors before buying it though. rolleyes

Overall rating:
(minus the credit for limited range of colors).

Edit: Price of the foundation refill is RM128 for 9.5g mrgreen


Anonymous said...

how much is the foundation itself?

Sue said...

Lol! thanks for reminding me, added the price tag, RM128.