Coastal Scents Haul, last but not least in 2008

January 1, 2009

Before I forgets....


It's the first day of Jan 2009 people!! New Year, New Resolution, and New Make ups! LOL! mrgreen

I need to limit my spending in makeup this year, which is one of my new year's resolution. -_-

Well, I really broke my bank not once but many times in 2008. Blame it all on the benefits of online shopping and surfing. -_-


And yeah, this was the last one that came in before we ended year 2008. LOL. Bless mi Coastal Scents.


This was just part of it. I haven't really tried them out yet. But the brushes did disappoint me a bit.

What I got:
- Pink Kabuki Brush USD4.99
- Italian Badger Round Crease Brush USD2.49
- White Angled Liner Brush USD2.19
- Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler USD7.95
- Gel Liner : Indigo Blue

Up close of it...

Well, let's go on the negative part first. Look at the above picture.. it reminds me of someone...

My 187SE.

I mean the Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler = 187SE.

Hell yeah, it bleeds. Like crazy. -_-

USD7.95. Gone. Just like that.

The brush WAS super soft, which I thought it might be flimsy or somewhat. It DID feel like baby hair at first touch. But it also got a straight F9 for me. No credit for this one. confused

And guess what, EDM will launch their stippling brush in Jan! I am not sure if I am going to pass this one after so many two bleeding brushes that I got. -_-
photo credits to EDM website.

No stain found in the brush above right... *hmmmm*

However, the pink kabuki brush was okay.
It does smell like paint/glue at the beginning, but it died down a little after I washed it.

BTW, the pink kabuki's brush bristle is soft too..

However, compared to my EDM Flat Top Brush's quality wise, EDM's brush wins hands down.

The badger round crease brush was good, IMO. It is very dense and compact and no bleeding too! Thumbs up for that! mrgreen

Anyway, I'll try to review the rest of them soon. Happy new year to all!



Nicole said...

I nearly bought the pink duo stippling brush. >_<"

Jenn said...

Yikes!! Another bleeding brush!! >.< Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Happy new year to you too!! Stay pretty girl!! :D

心。葵 @ plue said...

i dun like the pink kabuki. soft but slightly scratchy.

the round badger is GOOD! i bought a backup! :D

the white angled liner feels a little too long and soft, i bought this, but haven try it out :D

Sue said...

Nicole: They had other brushes that are good though. :D

Jenn: Happy new year dear! :D yeah, bleeding brush just can't go off my list. LOL!

Plue: hm, I haven't use the pink kabuki yet, but it does feel a little scratchy after I wash it. :)