MAC LE Brushes, Nay for Me

December 5, 2008

It's been way too long since my last update. Blame it all on the weather.

Cold = Sleepy + lazy. =P

Ok, that was just an excused. mrgreen

I'm sorry but right now I'm just going to rant about MAC.

Actually I don't hate MAC, I'm just disappointed. neutral

I got this Novel Twist Set sometime ago back in 2007. FYI, it cost RM220 for the whole brush set.
Novel Twist
Novel Twist Face Brush set

I know it's too late to talk about it but I thought things may change over some time.

To be frank, I was actually eye-ing on the 187SE since I need another one for my blushes. I used the full sized 187 for my powder foundation and I love it to bits, even though it sheds a little at the beginning.


Do you see anything different between the promo pic and the pic above?

If you look closely, my 187SE bristles has a tad of greyish black color at the white bristles there.

This is the up-close:-

It's not a fake brush if you are wondering. It is because of its never-ending dye color.

I think I have washed it for more than 30 times ever since I got it.

And the MAC 187SE still showing 'PMS' sign on me. *Duh*

Gross right? I thought the dye may go away after about 5-10 times of washing.

But now it is still right there. Coming out from the roots of the brush!
PMS brush

Damn. I was so disappointed-lah.

If they shed like crazy, I still can live with it. But if if it bleeds, how am I going to used it. -_-

As for the rest of the brushes, they are Okay for me. They don't bleed nor sheds though. But the bristles are a little coarse.

Novel Twist

Well, there goes my money + my trust towards MAC LE brushes. I don't think I will buy them in the future.

However, I'm not sure if other people do encounter the same problem as me though...

Overall rating:neutral

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Same sentiments here Sue!! I bought mine from last year's Heirlooms collection, and my 187SE bleeds like crazy too despite being through so many washes already. I'm totally swearing off the SE brushes already!!

I wanna get a full sized 187!! :D