Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush

November 28, 2008


Lookin' familiar?

Yes, it is from Everyday Minerals. This brush got so much raves from bloggers & vloggers.
And my hand got itchy after looking at all those comments and reviews.

So I got it, finally. mrgreen

EDM Flat Top
Look how dense it is!

EDM Flat Top
Fullness of it! And the bristles were really soft as proven by all the vloggers, if you watch them on youtube.

It is made of synthetic hair. Don't believe? See this...
I don't think we can actually guess they are synthetic or not from the website though.

And now Everyday Minerals' Flat top brush went out of stock from their website. rolleyes

Price: USD10
* You can also get them from Lovingminerals.com (if you reside in Malaysia / Singapore) for RM38

Overall reviews: I feel that this brush really worth the dollars. The bristles are really soft and it doesn't feel pokey on the face. And also, the brush is useful for those who are using loose powder or mineral foundation. I used them for my powder foundation though. By using this brush, my foundation also spreads on smoothly on my face and you can see how amazing the results were, just like a canvas. (I don't mean my face is like canvas.. LOL). It does not stain or bleed too when I wash it.

However, upon drying after washing it, I feel that it takes about 2 days for it to dry completely. I think it is because of the density of the brush that makes it harder for it to dry normally (my definition of normal = 0.5 - 1 day) compared to my other brushes.

Overall rating:


J said...

This brush looks really really soft ya!! :D too bad i already have the MAC kabuki, otherwise i'll definitely buy this to apply my powder!! :D

Tine said...

This is one of the best brushes I have, and it's so darn cheap too. The reason it takes longer to try is that there are a lot of bristles which a firmly packed. A way to make it dry faster is to (after cleaning your hands), run your thumbs over the bristles, and then use the hair dryer on it whilst doing that. Now I don't mean hot air, I meant blowing cold air. You'll find that it dries faster this way :)

Connie said...

one of the bestest brush ever!! i use it strictly for my mineral foundation though. Ahh... love it to bits! I'm gonna get the baby kabuki next for my blush :D