There It Goes Again...

February 10, 2011

Are you a deodorant user?

Well , I am, since I was a teen with those sweaty armpits that drive me (and my parents back in the school days) mad.

Because the sweat stained my white school shirts. *blush*

I've used quite a lot of brands for deodorant but there's always a case where...

I just cannot understand why it leaks!!! :( All the time!

Even I put it upright, sideways... it still does the leaking thing. Ish!

Anyone has a way to solve this please?

Even with the instruction on how to close the cap does not even help the leaking problem. :(


I've tried to clean them several times, checked the roller and all, but the problem still happens after that. =(

Gah! Please help me ya....

Last but not least, some information that you may want to know..

Note on the instruction: "Shake well with cap on"... I don't even dare to shake it in case the whole thing leaks out even more... geez...

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