My Lip Stuff is in Malaysia!!

June 9, 2010

howdy people! *waves*

Guess where Sue is xD

me in parisssss xD (sorry, this pic doesnt show any justice but my eiffel tower pic is in my other cam)

Anyway, just in time before I leave for my long hols, a lovely lady named Cynthia sent me this balm from MLS.

If you are not familiar with MLS, this is what it means:-

and yeah, now you can get this locally!! no need to go through all the hassle to get these all the way from the US.

If you are already eager to get your hands on them, here's where you should head on to --> My Lip Stuff Malaysia

Not convinced? so read on!!

I got this in my mailbox and it was bubblewrapped nicely. How nice of her!

And then I unwrapped this baby..

yay, new flavour added into my MLS family. xD Green tea lip balm.

and I twist twist twist to open :P

So here it is.. the MLS balm with it's measurement :D

this surely can last you for quite a while though.

And like I reviewed in my past post.. they have a slight sheen/shine to it.

I always like how moisturized my lips were. Plus, it is really yummy until I cannot tahan sometimes xD. hahaha.

The ingredients:-

I know by now you'd probably heard enough on how much I love MLS, so I'm not going to "re-emphasize" again. hehe.

So what are you waiting for? Go get these yummy balms now! By the way, you goin' to get abit of a headache on picking these up as they have more than 400 flavours!! hahaha.

I've tried a few before and I like these:-
sex on the beach :P
mango sherbet
double mint

and also.. they do have some kinky names as well! monkey fart, dog poop, butt naked (lol!), etc etc... you get the idea ;)

Also, MLS Malaysia is also having a promo too!
Buy 10 tubes of lip balm, receive two random tank tops, for FREE!
Gosh. Don't you just wanna get these now??? =)

Mail Cynthia --> for more info!!

ps: Cynthia, if you are reading this, thanks for the balm. This balm sure save my chappy lips as the weather over here is pretty dry and cold. -xoxo-

Til we meet again people! =)


Askmewhats said...

aww the packaging is cute and unique, when it comes to lip stuffs, I do like them with a bit of sheen :)

hevn said...

*Turns green and dies*
You lucky you!!! :D Have fun and go cart yourself some LV bags home or something XD

I love MLS too, been using it religiously ever since I got some for you. My only complain is that the mango sherbet smell can be a little over powering :D
Might get more or something (when I'm less broke)

but anyway have fun!!!