Au Revoir!

June 28, 2010

To Europe I mean! *sigh*

So yeah, I got a few mails asking if I'm still alive.. LOL!

Long story short, I'm kinda stressed up recently with the life adjustments and some important responsibilities that I have to handle (hence the MIA). Well, that's life I supposed, which is why our journey in life is never a straight line ahead. =P

Anyway, as you might not have heard, I have gone through some walking marathon - which is walking around in a few cities of Europe. :P I got free sunburn upon completion of this marathon. Couldn't be grateful enough, so thank you mr. sun! =P

So where's the haul pics... you may have wonder.... Well, no Louis Vuitton though. I did help a friend buying her Delightful but I didn't get one in the end as my dough doesn't allow me to get one, YET. :P Or maybe you can say I'm not willing to break my arm and leg for those brandies yet...

But still, I ain't going to go home empty handed.. ha ha xD .. so I did opt for a cheaper alternative, my Longchamp Planetes. <3

in black. plain and boring I know. but still, i likey x)

Other than that, I got myself 2 jackets and 2 heels. hahaha.

The jacket cost me 9 euros. You do the math!

The heels doesn't come cheap. But they are quite comfy. 32 euros and 25 euros.

I didn't buy any cosmetics as I don't think these stuff are cheap in the Europe. But I did get Carmex as my lips were bleeding due to the dry weather. =(

Apart from all these, my family and I brought back Ritter Sport Chocolates! I know we have them here, but the flavours are kinda different.

Last but not least, some random pictures.. I couldn't put up all as the internet connection is kinda slow. But enjoy! =)

The Colosseum

Yummy Gelato.

Leaning Tower of Pisa (on the right)

Lying on the grass in one of the biggest park in Lyon =)

Have a good start of the week people! =)


Jenn said...

So jealous!! I don't know when i can afford to go europe!! :(

And i LOVE Ritter Sport!! How come they look so different?? :D

hevn said...

welcome back safe and sound, girl!

Love the bag and especially the shoes but nothing beats the price tag of the jacket. lmao!!

The pictures looks great damn I'm jealous XD

Makeupholics said...

is about time ....been wondering of your where-about....all the pic look so yummy and sunny and mmmm...btw welcome back darl *hugs*

ilyana said...