Clearasil Stayclear® Skin Perfecting Wash Review

May 26, 2010

Greetings my lovely blogwalkers/readers/strangers/lovers *chuckles* :P

So yeah, like finally. ;)

Here's what I'm going to talk blog about today.

Frankly speaking, I bought this due to Watson's clearance for this product. If I'm not mistaken, it costs me about only RM5 or RM6. Talk about spending dough without thinking. =)

Plus it says "Dermatologically tested". ( am I the only one attracted to their marketing strategy??)

So here you go. The description on the back of the product.
Well well, I was actually looking for a cleanser. I should have read the description more carefully this time. This is a "gentle" face scrub + cleanser by the way.

Made in Thailand?! Hmm... I actually thought Clearacil is a local product. =\

Standard packaging.

Okay, so here comes the interesting fact...

Contains Moisturisers??? Wow. I didn't know cleanser/scrub needed moisturizers. Does that mean we don't have to use moisturizer after using this product? ....

... But wait, when I read the details of the product, it says "Moisturizing agents help ensure your skin soft, smooth and hydrated". Hm.. a bit misleading huh?

Anyway, here's how the product looks like:-

On the back of the hand:-
*spot the microbeads?*

Gotten from Clearasil Website:-
Gentle exfoliating formula helps clear and prevent breakouts for CLEARER SKIN ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. The gentle microbead formula penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and bacteria. Moisturising agents leave skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


Contains moisturisers to help care for your skin
Dermatologically Tested
Directions for use

Gentle enough to use everyday in the morning and evening.
Wet face. Squeeze a small amount into hands.
Massage gently onto face avoiding the delicate eye area.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Salicylic Acid

My thoughts:-

I don't like it. Sorry. Here are my reasons:-
  1. Contain fragrance. But still tolerable-lah.
  2. Leave an "oily-like" / moisturized feel on the skin after cleansing.
  3. Doesn't lather up. (I like foamy cleansers, even Biore (I think) has this type of micro-beads cleanser.)
  4. The description says remove oil & bacteria --> this is misleading. Since the product is so "moisturized", I still feel the "oil/oiliness" is not taken away by the cleanser.
But anyway, I think this product would suits people with very dry skin/sensitive skin. To me, this feels like a cream cleanser with very fine beads (to exfoliate your skin). If you like creamy cleanser, then keep a lookout for this product at your local drugstore.

ps. I'm not too sure if every Watson has this on their clearance shelf, but will keep you updated if I do spot them in another Watson outlet (I bought this off from I-avenue's Watson - Penang). ;)

So yeah, that's about it. Have a good day(s) ahead, people. =)


Dolce♥Bunny said...

Oh wow, that's cheap. I miss watsons so much!
It is strange that it scrubs and moisture the skin...
But yeah, I'll take your advice and now use it.

hevn said...

Hmm, interesting review. I've not seen this on Watson's clearance shelf over at one stop. It's usually stocked with errr.. really really old make up from brands you never heard about and old medicine. How dodgy :P

I don't think Gurney P's Watson even have a clearance corner, do they? Hee hee

I'm attacted to mark down items/discounts/ anything cheap. Muahahaha...

Sue said...

@Dolce Bunny, yeah dear. But when you come back from Aussie, you can buy them again. xD

Sue said...

@Ashley, hahahaha. Maybe certain not so "famous" watsons gua. Coz I-Ave that side not many people frequent there lor...