An Affair with OPIs

May 11, 2010

My affair with nail polishes is getting "wilder" these days. I can even foresee my drawer space getting lesser and lesser with these babies. xD

Anyway, I went for a medi pedi session again two weeks ago for a birthday treat (not sponsored by anyone thou..). And that was really a good reason get pampered since my last visit with Nail Hansen were 2 months ago (during CNY). LOL!

*Queensbay Penang Nail Hansen, doing pedi on my friend. :)

Here's what I got.
*the chopsticks were there because I was camwhoring during dinner time. xD

Product pic of OPI - Italian Love Affair.
It's a classic color from OPI. Very sweet pink with slight peachy undertone. However, only two coats of this on my nails. IMO, you'll need 3 coats to get them fully covered.

As for my pedi color, I got this.
*no flash.

* with flash.

Product pic of OPI - Play til midnight.
This was from one of their LE collection :OPI's holiday in Toyland.

Too bad I couldn't find this around anymore. The color is such a beauty!

I really envy beauty bloggers that could do their medi and pedi so nicely. My nail polish application is still streaky and patchy. >.< " aah.. practice.. practice!!

Anyway, have a great week my lovely people. =)


Connie De Alwis said...

love affair looks really cute! ahhh... I miss my OPI manicure. I may just splurge (where I get it done it's only RM50 for mani-pedi). Proper manicure lasts a long time!

hevn said...

OMG, i'm in love with the Italian Love Affair!!

It's so sweet, good choice Sue.

Ahh, don't worry about your painting skills, took me a gazillion and one practise to finally be able to paint my left hand let alone do French mani on it.

Take care!

xin said...

i think i need to go for padi meni badly too :(