My 120 Eyeshadow Palette Review

May 5, 2010

Ok. let's skip the whole grandmama story on why the long hiatus. =P

I received some questions about my opinion on some eyeshadow palette some time back and where to get them. So here's a quick post about this.
My 120 eyeshadow palette! Still shiny shiny and barely touched. >.<

So you've asked..
.......Where do I get them?

I got these online but I don't exactly remember the seller name for now. But it was from a local seller. Not ebay.

.......How much?

RM60 +- plus shipping.

I've googled and seen a few blogshops and LYN forum people selling them for less than RM80. So for 120 colors divided by RM80 = RM1.50 for a color is cheap!! =D

........ How good they are? Pigmented?

Err. I'll show you the pictures and you do the judging. =)

Six random colors, ranging from shimmers to matte colors.

Swatching them on the hand.

So, whaddayathink?

Yes, it's super powdery and chalky. Luckily my palette arrived safe and sound when I first got them.

Pigmented? Yes. Duper pigmented.

But powdery and pigmented doesn't really work together. I always have to tap the eyeshadow excess off my brush before applying, if not the eyeshadow fall all over the place. -_-

Staying power are okay. You can't match this against MAC eyeshadows because this eyeshadow palette isn't made for it to compare. :P But with a use of eyeshadow base or even cream eyeshadow (or even NYX Jumbo pencil!) can make the eyeshadow staying power last longer.

Nuff' said about it as I can't criticize much about it. The only drawback I personally had is that it has too many colors until I can't decide which to use everytime. Serious, 120 colors for 2 eyes?You gotta be kidding me! LOL!!

Oh and btw, this is eyeshadow palette of mine has no brand. I know I've seen a brand called "Manly" but mine isn't. It came in a white box without any wordings or description on it. =\ I will update again when I have more information on this.

Signing off now! Have a good day ahead, lovely people. =)


lavender said...

Hi Sue

TQ for sharing the palette. maybe i will give it a pass..

xin said...

i was tempted to get some 120 colors palette too when everyone was talking about it, but now the passion has died down already :P

Jobless Girl said...

Its cheap thou. I love this.

hevn said...

Whoaaaaaa.. damn you got your cheap, girl! I got mine for RM60 and mine is the 88 colour one only! And it came with 2 colours smashed. *sniff*

I love mine because it's so pigmentated but hate it because it's all or atleast nearly all matte, a little more shimmer would be nice. I ended up using the pallate for funny EOTDs which reminds me, me wanna see EOTD from youuuuuuuuuu!!!

domncroxd said...

I remember seeing this on facebook! Is it from Manly? Great blog btw!