Gah, Sigma Makeup Brushes!

April 1, 2010

*pardon me, the topic sounds pretty misleading, I know. xD*

Yes. Brushes, from Sigma Make up again. Well, you may say I do have a fetish for brushes. =P

First, please pick up your jaw if you think these are all mine.*hiaks* I did a spree for this early March and now they have gone to their respective owners already. So don't worry, I'm still "normal". TQVM xD

I actually wanted to share how they look like compared to the product pictures on Sigma's website as I got a few questions on Sigma's brushes via email a few times already. So here's some pictures for you, sweet people. =)

(1) Naughty in Black Travel Set - $49

Sigma Makeup product pic:-

Actual goodies:-

Sigma packed them with these little bags. Cute!

And the brush roll that comes with it.

Compare to the regular ones, this travel kit brushes has shorter brush handles.

(2) Professional Premium Kit $149

The price tag *$149* looks a little scary huh? But you get what you have paid for. =)

Sigma Makeup product pic:-

15 brushes with a brush roll. =) Quite cute with their packaging, like a box. =D

Actual goodies:-

Hold on to your saliva, please behave! xD

I still haven't really use them yet. But the brushes quality felt pretty similar with my previous kit. =D

Some random ones.

Take 2.

I know there may be too many "overrated" or "promotional" reviews on Sigma Makeup's brushes. But to me, they are pretty much up to standard for what you are paying for. I still love them despite I still get occasional bleeding and shedding from the brushes. xD

Oh, and one thing I noticed that the premium kit brushes aren't as "flumsy" (flimsy+clumsy xD) as my face&eye kit brushes. The brush handles are pretty much "lighter" and feels quite similar with my MAC ones. Well, go get one and judge by yourself, I wouldn't want to get "somewhat accused" that Sigma is paying me to say this. (if only it happens, sigh xD)

Got to go for now, I need to catch up with some blog readings. xD

PS: I won't be doing another review on this as I think they are pretty much comparable with what I have. You'll have to look out for my reviews here. =)


Connie De Alwis said...

every time I'm tempted to get these brushes then I see how different they are from the original (eg. the MAC219 and SS219 are so different!, which puts me off. *sighs*

Anonymous said...

ohhh..when are u doing another spree??

melanie said...

hi there, im interested on get myself the Naughty in Black make up brushes... where can i buy it ? im from penang too..thx

Camille(SHOBE) said...

Waaa been lemming on sigma brushes i really want thm but its not available here in my country and i still need to find some kaching!!!

Sue said...

@Connie, ya. Not all are on the same par as MAC. But then again, quite good IMO. =D

Sue said...

@Chui Yi, I'm having another one now =)

Sue said...

@Camile, you can buy from their website. =D They do ship to your country too! =D

Sue said...

@melanie, you can look me up at =)