China Glaze Four Leave Clover (super salah foto)

April 7, 2010

I haven't been able to blog these days. Either it's because of the housework, or it's is because of me. =\

Anyway, back to my nail polish fever. I got China Glaze's Four Leave Clover during my first ever haul with Transdesign.

And my-my, such a pain to get the real color out....

And I gave up! x(

*taken under sunlight*

PLEASE DONT LOOK AT THE UGLY APPLICATION (even though my CAPS has draw your attention to it. :P).

Seriously, if China Glaze Four Leave Clover looks like that, then it's pretty! xD

But too bad, the camera couldn't capture the real thing! The color is all W-R-O-N-G. =(

See the product pic? I got this by searching from Google, but still it's wrong. The actual color looks more green instead of bluish green.
If you look at the pic above, the swatch color code looks pretty similar to the actual color in real life.

Anyway, PolishPolice has a good one that looks pretty similar.

picture credit:

See? A lot of difference compared to mine. I saw quite a few review sites has the same color effect as mine too but I don't think it is the right one. =\

Anyway, anyone has tips how to capture the correct Greens and Reds in the photos? It is really annoying especially when this kind of photos need extra time & patience(!!) to edit them. *pulls hair and runs away*


Alisa said...

This colour is IMPOSSIBLE to capture. I had to fuss in Photoshop for a while to make it work properly on my blog and it still wasn't perfect

Lavender said...

I think have to take under the natural day light. Not under florescent or any yellow light.

Ashley said...

Hey Sue, oh wow, I nearly bought that colour too but I realized I had something similiar from Elianto.

It looks great though. I agree with Lavender on the natural sunlight thingie but I see that you've already tried that so maybe one more coat and then a top coat? some top coats can change the colour of the nail colour. If you've tried all that that, errr..

but it's still a lovely colour on you, bright and cheerful!

Sue said...

@Alisa, yeah. such a pain. >.<

Sue said...

@Lavender, the pics are taken under natural day light. But still it is showing the wrong color. =\

Sue said...

@Ashley, haha. Tried. I actually top off with a clear top coat but still... It is driving me nuts nuts nuts. xD

Mindy said...

Where do y'all buy China Glaze polish btw? I was browsing around on Tumblr and I found this on someone's Tumblr...color looks nice!