March 28, 2010

Sorry for the long MIA. =D And no, I'm did not go to Paris. Yet.

I wasn't able to get into my blog account as the location that I went seems to "block" the website. =(

But anyway, I'm back after a well-deserved break plus lots of craziness during the weekend!

I'll let the picture below to give you an idea about it! =D

I'm not sure if you can spot where I am for the past week but I did have a stroll around the world. haha!

Actually, the place is called Windows of the World (second half of the picture) which is one of the main attractions in Shenzhen, China. And my my, I did tons of exercise there (walk like mad! LOL!).

I came back to Malaysia on Friday and imagine I have to rush back for my convocation on Saturday. Madness. -_-"

But yeah, glad all went smoothly. *phew!*

I will allocate some time to get back on track with my blog after I clear my backlogs. T_T

So, I'll "see" you lovely people soon! =)

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hevn said...


and damn, I'm jealous of your trip.. :P
glad you had fun!! :D