China Glaze Khrome Collection - 2030

April 12, 2010

First and foremost, "No" to converting this blog into nail-polish-related-review blog. :P

Sorry, just my current obsession. My bad, but I promise this will be the last one for this month! =)

So, here you go. 2030 from China Glaze Khrome Collection!

Here's the promo pic from China Glaze website:-

The 2030 doesn't look the same compare to the real color though (the second one from the right).

Aren't 2030 pretty???

Especially with jeans! xD *loveeeee*

But I think the application is a little streaky though. =\

Only one coat of 2030 is sufficient. I did tried 2 coats but the application became uneven and streakier. x\

With the bottle.

The color swatch pic from Transdesign is even worst. LOL! Totally not in sync with the real color.

Anyway, this 2030 cleans off like a dream. Unlike my Ruby Pumps and Dorothy who?. Those two are driving me crazy with their shimmers.

Last but not least, the product code & ingredients.

Okie, gotta run now! A new work week! Wishing all having a good week ahead! =)


hevn said...



xin said...

awww it streaks! but it looks perfect from afar!

gio said...

What a beautiful shade!

hevn said...

If i knew how good it looked, I would have gotten one for fun T.T!

Me eki necklace cost me RM93 by the way + shipping. *sniff*