Nails : The Love + CNY = Weird

February 11, 2010

Time really flies, in another 3 days it will mark the 1st day of the Tiger Year. *rawr*

Being a kiasuism (I created the word :P), I have to make myself look presentable, especially my nails, so I can received angpaos (red packet) gracefully. LOL!!! =P

And this is part of the damage that I did... at Nail Hansen.

Little did I know even the Nail Salon's business follows the trend a normal hair salon (I got into this late last year =D, so yea.. baby boomers. blek).

Why did I make that comment is because they also did hike up their medi & pedi services by RM10. No free nail designs too. Boo boo. =(

BTW, now I know I shouldn't be going to visit them this late is because they are filled with many customers!! -_-

Nuff said. Here's what I did for myself.

*please don't ask me why I used this color, I didn't know why too. *
Maybe I was lemming for Chanel's Jade nail polish. T_T

OnMyFatHairyToes. =P

Seriously speaking, this is the worst options that I've picked. I shouldn't pick the weird love design from them. -_- The blue color nail polish doesn't go with these cute things. -_- And the color combination s*cks as well. T_T Argh. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... my fault anyway.

But my friend's one is nicer. Her RM5 is more worth it. >.<

At least a fish make more sense than multicolorlove.

Actually, this wasn't a satisfactory service from them. I paid RM100 (RM90 for Pedi & Medi) and some freaking nail art for RM10 (RM5/each). Why?

#1. The girl painted my green nails with only 1 coat. -_- And then she left since her shift hours ended already.
#2. No top coat (quick dry formula) were given after they painted my friend's toenails. >.<
#3. They were not even looking at the work they are doing. -_-

My nails actually were over-trimmed and their stencils even poked into my skin. I don't think it's on purpose, it is just that they are like doing the things fast so that they could get hold of another customer's request. Ahh.. too good business I guess.

Haih. Seriously, I was thinking to pick these "nail coloring" thing to do them myself. But I always don't have the determination like what I see Nikki/Xin/Ashley/Lavender has. Why?!!! (too lazy bah...) huhu. T_T

Did you have encounter things like this especially before the festive season? Or maybe I'm the only one. >_<


Lavender said...

Hi Sue

Sorry to hear abt your unpleasant experience with the nail spa.

Thanks for the link. I went to Ashley's blog and saw some nice nail designs.

If u are in PJ i can do for you at half the price u are paying. hee...hee..

Happy CNY!

hevn said...

OMG, I love your toe nails!!!!
You might not like the multi coloured hearts but I sure do! They are so cute!
I must someday copy them. LOL!

But for the fingers, it looks less than satisfactory.
Dang, if only we lived nearby, I would have used you as my guinea pig. Nyahahhaaaa!

For for my new year, its gonna be plaineeeeee. No mood after breaking my nail that badly. It looks so damn 'cacat' now.

Connie De Alwis said...

how cute! I really need to get my nails painted before CNY. been lazy lately!

Sue said...

haha Lavender! I sure will find you if I'm really in PJ!!! Your nail art is amazing! =D

Sue said...

Ashley: Ya lor. Nice meh. Looks abit weird on the blue color lah.. but never mind la, let your nails grow first ma. Then you can paint them everyday! =D

Sue said...

Connie: hahaha. I previously don't even bother about my nails. Now a lil' obsessed. *help* >.<