Free At Last!!!! Hip Hip, Hooray!

February 10, 2010

After a longgggggggggg wait from me (Argh! dunno why blogger doesn't schedule my post out! -_-)..

I still want to say THANK YOU before I announce the winner............................... can't I? =P

Even though I don't have that many participants, but a total of 66 numbers had been generated for the "lucky draw". =D



Congratulations Shira! You can have them as you wish!! Should be able to last you for many many years to come. hee hee!! I'll be contacting you via email soon! Keep a look out! Or else ... I have to do another round of "lucky dipping" =P

For the rest, don't fret! Who knows I might have more stash hiding some where in my room when I move?! lol!

Have a great day people!

Lots of love,


hevn said...

awwwwww... T.T

congrats to the winner anyway :D

shira said...

thank u. i wanna say sorry for the late reply. i hope i am still entitled to the prize. huhu