Quick Review: AESOP Rosehip Seed Lip Cream & Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

February 12, 2010

I've seen a lot of advertisements of Aesop in Beauty Mags but I never try them myself until I was at one of the "Invitation-only" event in Parkson. Hmph!

Seriously, I wasn't attracted to them as I had the perception that the brand is targeted to more "mature" skin users. >_<
I like the way they arrange the things. Very pro-looking.

Some "discounts" deco.

Test me, test me!! =P

Since my friend was looking for beauty products to hit the "RM250" target (to get the stupid goodie bag. >.<) , she was eyeing on AESOP after hearing good things about their lipbalm & hand cream. Ok, so maybe these things never came into my mind since I don't used them that often!

First off, she tried the hand cream from them. I think this is the one which can be found from AESOP's website.

Perfected moisturising balm for hands and cuticles.

This greaseless formulation of hydrating botanicals will transform even the most abused hands. Massage a small amount into clean hands for superb hydrating and softening benefits. Excellent for rough skin, cuticles and nails, this balm is an Aesop classic. May be used all over the body, and is especially good massaged into dry, tired feet at night before retiring.

I couldn't much judge about this one as I only tried them once. My friend bought the smaller tube one so I'll asked her about it after she used them. :) I can only say it feels greasy at first but this cream absorbed really well and quite quickly too!

Next is their lip balm which my friend has almost tempted me to get them.. haha.. but failed! =P

The lady told us this was also one of their newest product. Hm.

Product on me.

Seriously, even though it's a cream formula kind of lipbalm but it does not attract me to it.

Because it dries off pretty quickly!! My lips feel matte and somewhat dry after 15 minutes of application. Since my lips chapped pretty badly, I don't think this will work for me even though I like the "matte" look of it. And oh, it's RM45 if I remembered correctly.

Oh, and the lady there also my friend to fill up the particulars for upcoming newsletters.

I don't think I'll get anything from them anytime now since they don't appeal to me at the first place. Hee hee.. So if you got anything from them, do share!


feeyona said...

generally i'm super attracted to stuff that contains rosehip oil, and i heard so much about this brand! the hand cream looks super moisturizing! the packaging for the lip cream looks really cute, except it reminds me a bit of superglue. lol.

lyn said...

I used their skincare quite some years back (think before it was brought into Malaysia) and thought they were just okay. But I do like the Primrose mask and use it sparingly on my oily t-zone because it's rather drying. That's the only product I have repurchased from Aesop.

Sue said...

@feeyona, hahahha for the superclue-lookalike! I didn't thought of that!

Sue said...

@lyn, oh. wow, then you must be pretty familiar with this brand! will have a look at their mask the next round. :D thanks for the input!