My Scheming Bamboo Charcoal Mask 我的心机竹炭面膜

February 5, 2010

Who would actually think Bamboo & Charcoal can be mixed together? Me never thought of it before for sure. Weird combination btw! One is long and green while the other is flat and black. LOL!

This Bamboo Charcoal mask is also part of My Scheming's range.

The product pic:

The name and product picture just make me curious at first. Is it a piece of black sheet mask? Does it smell like charcoal? -_-

Here's the actual product :

The back packaging:

Details & Description:

Common instructions for masking:


Here comes the real thing! :D

The sheet mask that comes with an inner plastic:

On to the test!

*fit fit mask* Not too big nor too small.

After "sheet-ing" =D

Please don't tell me my skin is nice. Coz' our face sure looks nice after masking.No doubt about that. =P

Moisture pen's result! (Normal Moist Level ~ Face:35% and above ~ Eye:40% and above)

The Product: 30ml ;
Price: RM2.50 from Fiobeauty

In Chinese & Translation:

添加高含量Q10、膠原蛋白、玻尿酸等保濕活化因子,對各種膚質均有保濕、 修護的效果。超服貼的竹炭面膜布材質能將面膜中精華液的成份緊緊鎖於肌膚中,除了驚人的保濕力外,竹炭面膜布,內含活性炭成份更可清除臉部毛孔上髒汙。
Rich in Q0, Protein and Hyaluronic Acid, which are good for replenishing lost moisture, repairs and restores skin struction. Presence of Bamboo Charcoal essence, is best for toning up and minimizes pores.
Random website:
Hydrating & bamboo charcoal extract efficient deep cleansing & remove the pore impurities. Suitable for all skin types especially for oily, combination skin & dehydrated skin.

My Thoughts:
I have no say on this one. My skin is somewhat normal and somewhat dehydrated. So it feels like my skin soaks up the serum pretty fast than usual for this one. I can feel the surface of the mask is slightly dried up after 15 mins. Or maybe I can blame the charcoal ingredients that made it this way. Also, I must wash my face with water after masking. This is because I did break out from using it!! This is because I pat the serum dry after masking (like usual) but little did I know the serum comes with free pimples! OMG >.<>

I wouldn't repurchase this either. Even though it does feel "clean" but then I think I would look for moisturizing ones instead of deep cleansing ones. =\

So have you tried this and have the same problem like mine?

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Blogger said...

Thanks for the review

I havent try this before, but somehow for deep cleansing masks, I would go for clay masks that would dry off..

By the way, where did you get the moisture pen?? I think i need to get one of that..