CNY is All About Giving (and Receiving)

February 7, 2010

Just like Parkson @ Gurney Plaza. =D

I My tummy was so happy last Friday. It ends very well on Friday after a horrible-emo start at work (gah!).

Let's move on, shall we?

If you haven't heard about it, Parkson was giving away free invites to their elite members (BUT SERIOUSLY, they DID NOT send the invite to me :( !!) for their so call "ang pow giveaway". I wasn't invited but many thanks to my dear friend who had asked me along to this so-call "invited beauty hall thing". =D

And gosh. This invite thing is really an eye-opener for me. o_o
To start off, there's a nice orchestra performance in front of their entrance to entertain the guests. =D

The atmosphere gets even more exciting when I saw this...

FREE FLOW OF WHITE WINE ?! I actually had a few sips of Red Wine too! omigod! so generous can! (oklah,my 1st time to this kinda thing, pardon the 1stimer experience tq)

Some food that makes me go oohweewahh..

There's some cakes and pastries too but I gobbled up too fast before the camera is ready. :P

Beefstew plus mashpotato was one of my favourite food of the night!

These food and drinks were actually prepared from Manila Place if I'm not mistaken =D

Oh, and they have these too.. but I'm not sure what is it called. Dragon something something... haha.

*preparing the traditional delicacies for the tamchiakppl :P*

inside contain peanut+sesame filling. *yummzz*

Other than that, there were some pretty models appearance too! =D

BTW, I almost forgotten about the RM50 voucher which were given for FREE at the entrance!! (but i didnt get it coz no invite. )= )

Some more got goodiebag worth RM200 for people who purchase RM250 and above!! sosyokcandie.

I saw some people's goodiebag got Lunasol's cosmetics!! But my friend only got some Lancome Reviving petal (I don't know what's that but I'll tell you when I used them).

Oh wait, did I tell you there were lucky draws as well?! And I spotted some MAC's cosmetics for this giveaway! OMG OMG OMG!!!!

Geez. Parkson is really generous lah!!

Anyhoo, I didn't went back empty handed. Coz I got these "Chinese Writtings" from him.. (Free wan, better than none right?!) =D

Overall, the experience is crazy! Many thanks to my "generous" friend who actually let me tagged along (I know you'll sure read this. muahaha). BTW, I also met up with our pretty lil' Ashley!! Should get a pic next time girl!! =D

Last but not least, I'm going to have a STASH-GIVEAWAY pretty soon! *think colors* And Open to EVERYONE (yes, worldwide!!). nothing to shout about actually, but hope you guys can join in the fun!

Til then!

ps: please excuse the slangs and hokkien vocab. too excited and forgotten about the chaplang english :P


Jenn said...

Ok i'm officially angry. I didn't get an invite too!!! >:(

Sherry said...

so nice.. so sad me so far away..

hevn said...

Holy *toot*
Dang it, I saw the super long queue and was wondering what was happening till someone told me. I drooled at the food and the goodie bag. WAHHHHHHHHH!

shit, my stomach just growled. ARGH!

anyway it was super nice to see you *hugs*
still as adorable LOL!