*Closed* My Beauty Feeds First Stash Giveaway!!

February 7, 2010

Just thought of sharing these to a lucky winner here! =D

Yeah. It's a stash by the way.

If you have no idea about me, I'm the owner behind my own garage = enpointe-pigments.blogspot.com. To cut the long story short, I started the garage way back in 2007 when I have a "thing" for pigments. Because I couldn't own every each of them (I'll be broke if I did), I decided to sell some part of it to some users who might loved them. :D

Yesterday,I discovered these babies that are somewhat "abandon" at a little corner of my cupboard while cleaning my room. :O Because the owner (Me) has divided her "heart" to something else, she had to "donate" these away to a lucky owner who may dedicate more love to them. =D hee hee (such excuses I know!)

Anyway.. here's what a lucky winner would get!

More than 40 over pigment samples! Some are full sized pigments btw!! =D

Some pigments that you may "spot" are from MAC Limited Edition ones (ie.Quietly, Copperclast..etc), SweetScents pigments, MAD Minerals, Twisted Fayte (now The She Space).

Without even need to spend a single cent, you can now get these free pigments by just:-

#1. Be a Follower or Subscribe to Read (see below)

#2. Comment on this post with your valid email address. (1 comment per person ya)
#3. Wait until Wednesday (10-March at 12pm) for the results!

PS: GIVEAWAY is Open to EVERYONE, Worldwide (no matter where you are!!)

but wait, need extra chances?
#4 Post/Re-tweet this giveaway to double up the chances (remember to leave me your twitter name & bloglink).

If you do not want to disclose your email, do send me a mail with your username in Blogger --> info@mybeautyfeeds.com


* Do not participate if you do not like "Second-hand" stuffs. These may/may not be new pigment samples.
* Pigment samples may come in 1/4tsp or even 1 full size (5g) jar.
* Do inform me if you plan to "resell" these piggies. I do not want people to quote me back for something I did not do.
* Stash will be packed and sent out via normal mail.

Contest will end on Wednesday (10-March-2010) at 8am SHARP (Malaysia Time).
Results will be on Wednesday (10-March-2010) at 12pm. 5pm. (sorry, need to compile the list takes time. hehe) :)

So what are you waiting for???!


Anne said...

May I know how can I post this giveaway in Facebook?

My email address is anne_casillas@yahoo.com :)

Sue said...

you can copy the blogpost link at your status bar in FB.

Shaim said...

Wow! please count me :D
Iam a follower shaim
i subscribed via email

Shaim said...

tweet about it here

Askmewhats said...

I'd definitely like to join ntiu1027@gmail.com :)

Anne said...

Just share the giveaway link with my facebook friends :)

shira said...

i didnt own any pigments but i would like to try. the thing is, pigments out there is too expensive and when i first found your blog, i was excited but most of the stuffs are sold out. i dont mind if these pigments are 2nd hand or what. i like to try it out so i really want to win this!

my email: septerix_ns@yahoo.com

sarah said...

hi sue,
i would like to have those pigments cause i couldn't afford one because i am on a very limited budget for makeup stuff. :)
million thanks.


anna. said...

Already subscribed to your feeds! : D

And I tweeted about it! My Twitter sn is beeterswit.


NisNish said...

Baby Darl,
Count me in..!! kekeke
I've share ur giveaway in my FB.. Didnt know u have another blog ahh till i check ur pigemnts bloggy (want to purchase again bah) then i knew u got this sweet bloggy.. hehe..

Niss Lee

FB: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=564577821

Crystal Gan said...

Awesome giveaway! =)


Tweet-ed this as well. My tweeter username - crystalghk

1st tweet btw =)

aYu LaLaLa said...

Honestly I don't know that enpointe pigment and my beauty feed is the same person. I've been purchasing pigments and I've been reading ur blog through out the years without knowing that they are the same person! lol

Btw, count me in. I would like to participate in this giveaway too!


Kimberley said...

Hey! great giveaway :) my email's wattzupgarl@gmail.com

and i tweeted about it :)
twitter username: rainyydays

a.l.u.s said...

Hi there,

I really LOVE pigments ever since i bpught from u.. :)

Twitter : http://twitter.com/alus

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/alicetine.umbol?ref=name

Email : alicetineann@gmail.com

Username: alus

alicetine ann

Jessica said...


subscribed through email ages ago.



Ancient Orchids said...

mmMMMm !! Would really love too try em' pigments !! =D

email : ancientorchids@yahoo.com

Great giveaway !!

LyNn said...

I am now a follower! Thou it's already been quite some time since I linked you up in my blogroll :P

My e-mail:

Hope to receive a notification from you on March 10th :P

turtle.egg91 said...
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Sherry said...

I am follower :)

tweet http://twitter.com/sherrygo/status/8806067881

blogged http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-beauty-feeds-first-giveaway.html

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

adeline said...

I'm a subscriber,
I'm a follower.

I tweeted.
I commented.

I wanna be a winner.
Pick me I wanna be on top!

email: adelineqal@yahoo.com
twitter: adeline_Q

Anonymous said...


im a make up sorta beginner and ive been wanting to try out pigments for sometime now and was wondering where i can get good but cheap pigments (never used before)..this will give me a great opportunity to do so!! :)

thank you a bundle for thiss!! :)
(even if i dont win)

RT (http://twitter.com/ChuiyiC/statuses/8806970900)
and followed!!

lotsa XOXO

Ele said...

Just post it at my facebook..just_eileen@hotmail.com

Lavender said...

I am your follower. Follower ID: Lavender

email: paulinecltan@gmail.com

Love to try your pigments. Don't mind 2nd hand.

Thanks for your wonderful posts on eye makeup. Pls do more

hevn said...

Wow, lucky me, I came to your blog to search for something and came across this post.




Nina said...

Awesome giveaway! I am now a follower.

I tweeted as well:

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Stefy said...

Gorgeous Pigments!
count me in please :)

Stefy xx

May said...



Anonymous said...


ohh i also FB status-ed it!! LOL!! :D

Tina said...

count me in :)



chenhui920 said...

i adore pigments!

Please count me in:


Michelle said...

I don't care if it is 2nd hand. :)


Hinale said...

I'd been a secret follower for long. Colourful piggies are part of my make up collection thou. I don't care even they're 2nd hand. ^0^

Thor said...

hi, you actually gotten me into using pigments!and i thank you for sharing your views and thoughts all this while! thank you.


Karysa said...

I'm a follower!

saeko_mizuku at yahoo dot com :)

segalanyer kuterima... said...

Wow! please count me :D

Iam a follower

i subscribed via email


syakila said...

I'm a follower!


My love, I will come to you... said...

i follow u...


Anonymous said...

I'm a follwer and I've subscribed!


flinty said...

Great giveaway! My email is krystynayt@gmail.com.

Alisa said...

Wow, be still my beating heart. All those pigments!

Enter me, please. I'm a follower.



redrover189 said...

Wow, you are SO generous!

redrover189 at gmail dot com

April and Ashley said...

I'm a follower. lirpaskoorb@gmail.com

April and Ashley said...

I blogged. http://concreteandnailpolish.blogspot.com/2010/02/jewelry-makeup-giveaways-with-less-than.html

London's-beauty said...

LOL at 'PLEASE BRING US HOME!' funny XDD enter me please, I'm a follower :P and a subscruber. xx


take a look around at my blog please :P I just started recently. follow if you likes hehe xx

London's-beauty said...

did i put i'm a subscriber too? x

razberiswrl said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I am a follower

razberiswrl at gmail dot com

DistantDreamer said...

This is a great giveaway!!


Deuil said...

I looove pigments but unfortunately I don't have many...I've also been secretly following. :)


Saki said...

Count me in! :>


ciaivelisse said...

I'd like to enter! :D


I also tweeted about this giveaway! @ciaivelisse


Thanks! ^-^

Toxin said...


I'm a follower!


ginnn7 said...

great giveaway thanks.

I follow and subscribe email


jeni said...

Ooooh! The pigments look very exciting! Please include me in the running for your giveaway!

My email is missjenibee@yahoo.com

Aero said...


so awesome! I like MAC too :)

my email is aerolantern at gmail dot com

Have a great day!