Faking It On a Sunday

February 21, 2010

Yeah, faking me lashes I mean. =P

From the naked one to the faking it ones. LOL.

I actually didn't wear falsies for such a long time already! I used to wear them when I go out for dining occasions but I'm too lazy now as I'm always in the rush. =\

But because I was testing out my Wet N' Wild liquid liner, I thought it's time to take my falsies out for "work" ! =P

My tools.

Since I always had a "heavy eyelid" problem, I tried to use half of the falsies instead. (my eyelid seems to "eat" up the falsies, hence it doesn't seem to make any difference when I put on them).

Take half out of two saves $$$ too! hahaha.

For this, I used MAC Steel Blue pigment and a little MAC Brash & Bold pigment with Detrivore Shadow Primer.

It seems the primer seems to eat up all the shimmers pigments and I had quite a hard time with them. Argh. I'll get into more details when I review them. =\

I lined with Wet N' Wild's liquid liner (upper eyelid) and used Sephora Black Flashy Liner (undereye).

I like the picture angle for this! Actually, I took more than 40 photos just to capture the falsies! My cam just don't focus at the right place, sometimes.

Because I have superduperfine under eyelashes, I tried to put the falsies below instead. haha. Crazy.

And my oh my, the Shu Uemura's glue stings my eye big time!! =( Too near the waterline I guess.

So I did this instead.

See any difference? =)


Maybe this picture can help!

I drew them. hee hee. But the liner just didn't stay put. =( Gah!

Comparison between my naked eye and "fakingit"eye.

Make up and no make up really does make a difference. =P

Anyway, that's all for today though. Back to reviews tomorrow! =)


Lavender said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for joining my giveaway but I can't find your Follower ID.
Maybe u can click the follower button again?

I like your fake lashes, looks real. Very nicely done. I haven't tried falsies yet.

hevn said...

OOOO!!! Me llove love love your EOTD for this post! Very sexy and nice!