Hot Weather Makes Me Lazy!!!

February 20, 2010

Yeah. Apologized for the hiatus. The weather here drives me crazy (weather is super hot & humid almost every Chinese New Year!).

I couldn't think of anything but to dedicate this post to our Stash Winner - Shira. Hee hee.

Once again, congrats to Shira! Btw, I didn't know she's located in Malaysia too! =D Small world. xD

No, I'm not using USPS postal service. It's the box that is so sturdy that makes me want to torture put these pigments for a safer journey. =D Plus environmental friendly too (recycle!) !

Last but not least.

Just for laughs. =D

Shira, you may get them within this few days, or maybe you have already gotten them. Do inform ya! =D

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