Sofia Jasmin & Grapeseed Extract Facial 茉莉 葡 萄 籽 面 膜

February 23, 2010

Sofia oh Sofia.. =) What a nice brand name.

Actually, this is my first time using this brand. Got it from Fiobeauty again.

The package design is nothing fancy like My Scheming Mask or Beauty Diary masks though.

Super plain and simple.

Anyway, I googled this Sofia mask and found out they have this new packaging.

Nicer than the ones I have, hmph. =\

A quick comparison between My Scheming mask and Sofia's packaging.

Not much right?!

Back to the mask. Here's the little details of the packaging.

And the back.

Unlike those usual illustrations that you see from"> My Scheming masks, this is Sofia's version.


1. After cleanse face
2. Put on the sheet mask
3. Wait for 15-20 minutes
4. Take off the mask, need not rinse.

Other info:

To the test!

Full of yummy serum. =D

Unlike the other masks, no additional "plastic" wrapper that comes with it.

On me.

A little longer at the nose area. Other than that, very fitting. =)

The Product: 30ml ;
Price: RM2.50 from Fiobeauty I don't see them on her site anymore now. =)

My thoughts:
I like it! The serum consistency is slightly more watery than My Scheming Masks. Also, my skin absorbs the serum much quicker than My Scheming Mask too! I can felt the sheet mask a little "dry" after 20 minutes of using it. Or maybe I can put it this way --> The serum evaporates into the air much faster due to the watery consistency. =) BTW, do you know that grapeseed extract is an antioxidant to fight against skin aging process? Jasmine added to this mask is for soothing and calming the skin too!

Overall, here's the results.

Not bad I'd say, much higher moisture level than my other Scheming masks. But like I said, sheet mask is always a "temporary solution" to the skin. I can only say that my face feels soft and hydrated like my other sheet mask experiences. Aging or no aging, no idea though.

Last but not least, the ingredient list.

So have you tried Sofia masks?

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feeyona said...

omg what's that cool 58.5% gadget thingy? does it actually measure your skin's moisture levels? it looks like a thermometer! haha!

by the way, i'm having a giveaway over at my blog! do join it if you're free! (: