My Scheming Iris Extract 淨化調理面膜

January 20, 2010

Yes, another one from this brand.

The product pic from the WWW. :)

Actual product that I got from fiobeauty again :)

Elegantly in Blue.

Instructions and details.

3 easy-peasy steps:-

1. Take of the "white plastic".
2. Place it gently on your face.
3. Take the sheet mask off after 15-25 minutes and you're done. Pat the serum dry and apply moisturizer/creme if desired. ;)

Let's see what's left inside..

Not much left but pretty sufficient if you want to massage the serum onto your legs and hands. =)

To the test!

super-dehydrated. Gah!

So here we go with the sheet mask. pardon the expression..haha

After 25 minutes (I normally will extend the time if the mask is still very wet)

*i don't have great skin but normally skin will look "nice" after a nice sheet mask treatment*

To a test again!

Almost a 50% moisture level increase!

The Product: 30ml, from Fiobeauty
In chinese:-


Translation (got this randomly from here):
- Designed specially for the oily skinned
- Helps in controlling oil blemishes
- Helps in totally removing dirt in our pores and exfoliating dead cells effectively
- Moisture essence found in the mask also aids in locking moisture in our skin, giving our skin ample moisture to prevent against dryness
- Suitable for all skin types especially those with oily or combination skin.
Price: RM2.50 (varies between sellers)

My Thoughts:
Not bad but I like the previous one more. It does leave skin moisturized but don't expect it to be "super" moisturizing. I couldn't really tell what's so great about this as I believed most sheet mask are the same. I can only give a plus point that it doesn't have a strong fragrance in it and it is an average/okay sheet mask for what we are paying for.


plue said...

i think next time i buy stuff from Fio oso la. saves me the hassle of thinking is her stuff original or fake :P

where did u get the pen thingy to check on moisture level? i think i need oneeeeee

Sue said...

hahaha. actually all my my taiwan skincare are from her. if you know chinese, it wouldn't be a problem with it. :D the skin moisture level pen is from her too. lol!

plue said...

i am looking thru liao! :D Saw got MBD mask ler~

now no need worry fake stuff liao :P thanks!!!

xin said...

wah! how much is the test pen for moisture level?

Sue said...

plue: lol!!! you are welcome~

Sue said...

xin: moisture level pen I bought around RM60. Don't remember the exact price. fio said the stock will arrive this week btw. ;)

plue said...

hm, i can't find the item in her website, what's the name of the moisture test pen? :D

LyNn said...

if i recalled correctly
this is one of my favourite scheming mask "flavour" by far
im not keen for whitening products so i skip all whitening ones thou.

that moisture pen is ingenious!

Jenn said...

i NEED to get that pen too!!! Thanks for sharing!! Hehehe!! :D

Anonymous said...

So cool!