The Moisture Monitor (or the "Pen") 數字式肌膚水分測試儀

January 23, 2010

How'dy~ :)

I got a few mails asking about the "pen" that I used in my previous posts here and here.

Being a "kay-po-chee" (busybody) like me, here's some info that I can gather for you people out there. xD

The promo pic of this moisture monitor (couldn't found any in English, sorry!!):

The Moisture Monitor that measures your skin moisture level :)

It sure does look like fatter version of marker pen. xD

Parts and bits of it.

The little "scanner".

The results monitor.

It uses AAA batteries by the way. :)

I believe this pen is made in China. Anyway, here's some info from fio. ;)



Under normal circumstances, the skin should be at least 35%

I got this from fiobeauty and she told me her new batch of these "pens" will arrive this week. If you need one, you can contact her at her website.

The price for this moisture monitor is RM55 btw. ;)

I hope these information helps!! Have a good weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

I was just going to email you about the fatty pen. =D thanks for the helpful info.

Sue said...

sure sure :)