Advanced Hydrating Neck Firm Gel Review 玻尿酸美頸水凝膠

January 25, 2010

I never really came across neck creams until a few online friends came to talk about them. Frankly speaking, the neck area was not even in my area of concern since I was just in my 20s back then.

Oh boy I was wrong! I was pretty horrified seeing myself having those "zebra"-like wrinkles when standing in front of the mirror. *_* (pic below) It was even more disgusting a few months ago when they were darker than the picture. Fio said it was probably due to "not properly" cleanse when bathing. Or in other words called "laki" (hokkien) xD

I remembered people said by looking at your neck, your age will be revealed without even asking! =_= Finally, I gave in and got myself a neck "gel" instead of those buttery cream ones since I don't fancy them that much (think oil slick + body acne = horrifying pimples. argh. or maybe I think too much! lol!)

For a newbienoobie like me, I opted for Skincology from Niu Er since I'm pretty confident with his skin care range.

If you have not known, one of Niu Er's famous line is their hydrating range.

Because I hate the "oily" feeling of creams, I got the gel one instead.

BTW, don't their packaging just look alike? The right one was my HG Moisturizer. Talk about cost saving packaging! :P

The box that came with it.

The Chinese description that comes with it.

In English and the ingredients of the neck gel.

The actual product.

Bottle packaging.

Nicely printed manufacturing and expiry dates.

The Advance Hydrating Neck Firm Gel.

And yes, I have been using it for about 2.5 months now. Almost time to change another one soon. LOL!

The gel.

The Product: 30g
Price : RM48 (from, as usual)

From fio's website & payeasy:


Basically, it emphasizes on three things:
*保持頸部肌膚緊縮,預防鬆弛 = Firming
*吸收迅速,使用清爽、不粘膩 = Light, non-sticky & Fast absorption to the skin
*改善粗糙、不光滑的頸部肌膚 = Minimize Wrinkles/lines

My thoughts:
I'll let the picture do the talking. I'm just a little lost for words.

Do you noticed any difference? =X Let's look at the plus points first, I like how the gel feels, light weight and non-sticky. It also smells good and refreshing too! I think that is all I can say for the plus points.

A handful of them. I do not see firming and I still see my obvious neck rings after 2.5months. I did not hope for a miracle by using this but at least it should show some improvements right? I'm not sure if it is me but I noticed my wrinkles are much more visible now. :(

Overall, even though the gel does feel relaxing and refreshing but I don't think I would repurchased this again. Maybe I should try the cream version of this instead. Please do let me know if you have a better neck creams/gels to recommend too! I just don't want to reveal too much of my age to the public yet. :P


Foxy Frangipani said...

Hello Sue,
Just thought of sharing with you the neck lotion that I'm currently using.

Its from Skineeds - Triple Firming & Age Defense Neck Treatment Gel.

A tube of 60g, cost just RM6!
Very affordable and so far no complaints from me :))

Sue said...

foxy frangipani: oh! where can I actually get them btw? :D so cheap!