Lazy Bug Attacking Ms. Saturday

January 16, 2010

*weird post title eh? "hauling" word just sounds boring for me now xD*

Hot off the oven postman van!

*I do not drink btw :P*

I'm so so so awfully attacked by the lazy bug. lol! Instead of reviewing, I'll do a short (hopefully sweet) haul post instead. :D

Open the little treasure box paper box.

Not all are mine though! Only these below...

My very own first Tsubaki conditioner! Fiobeauty told me how good they were and if I'm not mistaken, Plue did reviewed about them before too. So I die die must get it to work on my hair.

Talk about hair, I just cut my hair last week! My mom say there isn't any different from before.. -_-" I actually wanted to have a neat hair for CNY :D Who doesn't right? New year, new clothes, new look, so a new hair style is needed! haha! :D

Neither did I realized my hair style didn't really change from last year.. sheesh... maybe a new hair color for a change?

hm... anyway, have a good weekend people! :D


plue said...

woot! yes Tsubaki is awesome!

did u get the latest Tsubaki? Cuz i know Tsubaki has launch a new improved formula last year, I think around apr?

So Fiore got sell Tsubaki hor? Ready stock? :P

Sue said...

haha. I haven't tried it yet but the smell is really nice!

Yes, fio got sell tsubaki.. and yes, ready stock! lol! hope i'm not making you poor, dear :S

plue said...

nope. din make me any more broke than b4 cuz i got another one more set! haha

but my sister will! :P she wants to buy tsubaki so i think i'll her bout fio la~

Sue said...

lol!! at least you got someone to share xD