Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Review (HG!)

January 29, 2010

I'm a total convert in this one. =D

I still remembered the days I keep bugging fio to order new cleansers for me every two months!
Argh! Seeing these cleansers make me realize how poor I am (=P). These cleansers just never stay on longer so I can save some dough for other things! Also, finding Mr.Right for the skin is never easy. Either it feels like bleach or the cleanser smells funny. -_-

The love story began when I was introduced by one of the dermatologist when I was signing up for their "free skin test". I was totally sold by them after their detailed explanations of what my skin lacks at that time. I believed this situation would be the same for any beauty co. would do. (ahh, there goes my money)

So I gave in and bought their normal/dry skin kit for a trial after they convinced that their product would suits me perfectly. Damn. Never did I realize this was a love-hate relationship with Dermalogica.

Hate because they price tag is so ugly (haha, that was part of the reason).Actually, I hated their skin smoothing cream (moisturizer). =.= It was too oily for a normal-combi skin user like me. And I had pimples with free milia seeds on my skin (too rich I supposed)! Argh! But I love love love their cleansing gel! :D

I'll tell you why later in this part. Now picture first.
This the bigger bottle btw. 500ml.

Comes with a "authenticity" seal (I think!).
I heard a few friends of mine said there are "fake" ones selling in the market/online. As a side note, do be careful when purchasing. The "seal" can be one of the ways to detect the authenticity of the product.

The pump dispenser that I like.

And their printed dates below the bottle.

The description.

Dispense pea size amount of gel and you'll get a foamy cleanser.

The Product: 500ml

Description from Dermalogica:

A concentrated, soap-free,foaming gel designed to thoroughly remove impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance.Contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

Gentle, soap-free cleanser is listed as a "Secret for getting gorgeous skin".

Price: RM229 (Retail Price for 500ml); RM153 (Retail Price for 250ml)

My thoughts:
I loved it! I have been using this for two freaking-long-years now. My brother swears by this and my SO loves it too! My friends too, bought their 2nd bottle of the special cleansing gel after I've introduced this to them some time back. Gosh. DERMALOGICA should have pay me for this. LOL!!

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that this 500ml bottle of special cleansing gel can last most of us users for a whole year. RM229 / 12 months= RM19.10 per month, 60cents for day and 30cents for each wash. =D Crazy I know.

I super love this is because my skin doesn't feel dry or have those "squeaky clean kind-of-feeling" after cleansing (I know some other brands are like this which is a little annoying for me). The skin feels "supple" after each wash and I also noticed my acne goes away after a few consistent use of this cleansing gel. On the other hand, I think I can declare my brother as the numberone supporter for this as he even bring this to Singapore (now Lyon) for his studies. I remembered he told me that this gel has help preventing his acne "friends" from partying hard on his skin. :D

It takes a little patience in lathering up the foamy gel. Sometimes I get a little frustrated (especially when I'm late for work) as it doesn't lather up quickly as I wanted it to be. :P

Would I purchased this again? Definitely! I already got my fourth bottle (this time salon size one :P) standing gracefully at my messy cupboard. =D

Last but not least, the ingredients:

So have you tried this brand? If not, do ask for a sample from their dermatologist.


k n i t t i e s said...

I have mixed feelings about this cleanser, on one hand, my face feels very clean after washing and I like the herbal scent. But it did dry out my skin :-( I'm glad it worked for you though... my sis in-law swears by this cleanser too!

Jennifer said...

If you don't foam up special cleansing gel enough, it can dry your skin out as it is highly concentrated.