Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review

January 26, 2010

Yeah. Lip balm brand number three. First was Vintage Sisters and Second was My Lip Stuff. :D

The best thing about lip balms is that they never goes out of style because they are colorless(well, most of them!) and they "protect" the lips from flacking and chapping.

I got two boxes of these yummy balms. You read it right. Dua kotak. 6 x 2 = 12 balms for 1 person. LOL! In the end, I have to sell them away here coz I can't finish them.

edit: I didn't know they only have 4 flavours for each category now. so outdated! sorry! :P

Here's one of the boxes.

A la mode means:
A La Mode Lip Balms swirl the sweetest, most delectable Ice Cream Flavors together with nature's most extraordinarily moisturizing ingredients to leave your pout in pucker up mode.

Yeah, crazy I know.

And they are vegan too!

Made in the U-S-A!

The balm.

Sleek designs huh?



This is Orange Creamsicle by the way. Just spelling out the name makes me craving for orange juice >.<

On the lips.

The Product:0.15oz
Price: $4 @ Crazy Rumors

My thoughts:
I would like to compare this against the 3 balms that I've used and I'll conclude my thoughts on these balms.

When I compared with MLS (My lip stuff balm), it shows that MLS is more moisturizing than Crazy Rumors.

See the difference?

If compared with Vintage Sister's balm, they were pretty comparable!

The effect from VS and Crazy Rumors looked and felt literally the same on the lips. But in terms of their moisturizing level, Vintage Sister balms are a little more moisturizing than Crazy Rumors.

Here's the three of them on the lips.

MLS = My Lip Stuff
CR= Crazy Rumors
VS = Vintage Sister

On to my thoughts, I wouldn't be able to generalize each of them because it is more of a personal preference. If you prefer more moisturizing ones, MLS has pretty good ones and have over 400 flavours too! If you look for less sheens/matte ones, then either get Vintage Sister or Crazy Rumors.

As a side note, all these balms have to be stored at a cool area. Do not left them under the sun because they do melt right away! But then again, you can get them back in shape by putting them into the refrigerator.

Here's some shipping information for those who are interested in Crazy Rumors:-
$6 if you buy only a few sticks or free shipping if your purchase is $75 or more!

I couldn't comment much on their shipping rates as it is pretty much comparable from other brands. Overall, I do like my MLS more even though Crazy Rumors has a nicer packaging. But don't worry Crazy Rumors, I still have you as my back up balm in the office! Hee Hee. :D


Connie De Alwis said...

hehe I gots Crazy Rumours but then I kinda got bored of it. Good lip balm though!
I so want a Vintage Sister balm! I've been eyeing them for-eh-ver but the fact that it contains beeswax (one of the main ingredients nonetheless!) worries me *sighs* And to make up for the shipping it wouldn't make sense to just buy one right?

plue said...

i still like the MLS i got from u last time! super moisturizing and good enuff to lick every now and then :P

hevn said...

Hmmm.. Oh la la, you selling any MLS lip balms?

Lavender said...


thanks for visiting me. Thanks for putting me on your blogger list. I will do the same for u too. Followed u already.

Sue said...

@Connie, yeah. If one balm + US shipping is way too much. But I think VS do has a minimum amount to check out though. And yeah, I do think CR is a little overrated too!

Sue said...

@plue: haha! yeah. MLS is the most moisturizing ones that I've ever tried! >.<

Sue said...

@ashley, ada. but flavours oso very limited eh! >.<

Sue said...

@Lavender, TQ to you too for "coming over". xD

xin said...

O_O quite many of them!

I have never used a lip balm till it finishes, i get bored of one brand quite easily =/

LyNn said...

ooo then i guess i should go for MLS!
btw CR looks a little flacky on your lips. :(

hevn said...

*rubs hands in glee*
What flavours and how much is it??

I recently lost my Green Tea Ice Cream lip balm and I'm super upset over it. *sniff*

Needing to replace it.

I'll email you k :D

Sue said...

@xin, LOL! ya. Me too. all use halfway and throw coz I don't think we can keep them for too long either.

Sue said...

@Lynn, yeah. Actually not the CR makes the lip flaky. It's because my lips "change skin". LOL!! no lah.. bad weather. sigh~~

Sue said...

@ashley, lol!! but I don't think I left with much choice though! =x