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December 24, 2009

^ okay, the title does not match this post anyway.

As some of you may know, I went to India in the beginning of December for 6 days. My-my, what a great experience I had! :D

Anyway, as you know, the only way that I can get to India is via KL so, I have a good opportunity to shop in KL too!

*guess where I go??? *



off rant: why we always don't have these brands in our coconut island !!?! (Penang flag has a coconut tree right?!) :P
This is what I've got myself, as a Xmas present. LOL! (girls buy things always have a reason eh.. :P)

SA Miki @ Kiehls was sweet enough to give me some intro on these products.. and she also told me they have an on-going promo whenever you buy > RM100, free RM10 (in other words, minus RM10 off the bill)..

Here's what I got...

She even gave me a luxurious sample of moisturizer! woah!

Anyway, I do noticed Kiehl's packaging of their cleanser and toner looks like some kind of medicine bottle. hahaha.

If you do love Kiehls product, do take advantage of this promo hor (Buy RM100, free RM10). coz I'm not sure if it is an on-going thing or not, but the promo sure attracts me. :D

PS: They do have Christmas set promo going on as well (See below) and they even has a Facebook page too! Check them up for updates!

Last but not least, Merry Christmas Everyone!!


LyNn said...

merry christmas to you too ;)

aly said...

Merry Christmas! =3

hevn said...

Sounds like you had fun! Yay you!

Merry Christmas! <3

Jenn said...

Which part of india didcha go to? :D

Hope you had a blessed Christmas... and will have a wonderful new year ahead!! :D