My Impressions with BRTC BB Creams

December 19, 2009

I must say BB cream aren't new anymore.. and guess what?! Our local Watson stores have them!! (in KL, why not Penang!! rolleyes so bias :P)

And the price doesn't come cheap as well. I didn't get any of them either, just testing them out since they have a tester there for some of their BB cream ranges..

Anyway, I'm just trying to gather these up into one. I don't have the full range of BRTC's BB cream, just the tester ones that Watson has them. lol.

First off, BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream. (click to enlarge hor..)

Price (at Watsons): RM120.90 (*freaking $$$!!*)
My thoughts: Expensive. The first impression that I have is that this is not a full-coverage BB cream. It goes on quite thick, but in terms of texture wise is in between the Multiplex and Jasmine BB cream. Fragrance is not strong as well.
For swatches, scroll down below. :)

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Next, Jasmine Water BB cream. (click to enlarge hor..)

Price (at Watsons): RM93+- (I don't remember the price but definitely below RM100)
My thoughts: I don't like the smell of jasmine. -_- Neither I'm a jasmine tea drinker.. hehe. However, the texture of this one is the lightest among the three. And obviously (if you see the swatch below), the color of this BB cream is also the lightest among the three. I'm not sure if it will gives any white-cast after it is applied, but from the look of it, I think this color of the BB cream might not suit every skintone though...

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Lastly, BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm. (click to enlarge hor..)

Price (at Watsons): RM130.90 (*freaking $$$!!*)
My thoughts: The most $$$$ of them all. This is also one of the *star buy* products in Watson. The price really gave me stars, lol! The texture of this is light and I do notice it has a slight sheen/dewy effect. The color of the BB cream is also scary.. lol! Darker than the Jasmine Water BB cream, and also has quite a pink undertone underneath it. Also, I do feel 3 of these BB cream does feel a little sticky after I smooth it out on the back of my palm, I wonder if it might feel stickier on the face then? -_-

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Here comes the final thing : swatches! :)

On paper:

After smooth it out evenly...

I don't think I have help anyone on with this pesky-short impression of mine :P, but do check out what the other beauty bloggers's writeup on this.

Til then, Happy weekend! mrgreen


Miu said...

Hey Sue :) my first time dropping by here. Just wanna say Hi!

and talking about BB Cream, I'm currently in love with Skin79's BB Cream in Caviar Gold. I hope Watsons will bring it in since they've brought BRTC in! and yea they're not cheap :( WHYY sob..sob..

I got my Skin79 BB Cream from good ol beauty expo at PWTC few months ago at 1/2 price (happy happy).

Foxy Frangipani said...

Hello Sue
PG Watsons do have BRTC stuffs, no?
I saw them sometime back at Gurney Plaza wor.. Do check them out ;)

I'm a daily BB Cream user, can't live without one :D Recently got one from UGB but haven't try it out yet though..

Anonymous said...


hevn said...

Hey Sue,
Like Foxy mentioned, the BRTC is avaliable in Watson's Gurney Plaza. Saw them there for quite some time d. They have sameples there too but it's starting to look a little disguisting. Nyahahaa

Anyway wish I saw all these reviews before I bought my multiplex bb cream. It was too freaking dark for me and I should have just saved my money and gotten the jasmine one. *sigh*