How to Use Cleansing Oil

December 10, 2009

I think most people would probably know what cleansing oil is all about for now.. I'm posting this specially for a close friend of mine who asked me how I used them. I couldn't showed it in a decent way but I hope it helps for some of you who are just starting out. wink

Steps that I normally do:

(1) Pour a decent amount of cleansing oil onto your palm. For me, I used about the size of a 50 cent coin (Msian) for the whole face.
(2) Gently massage the cleansing oil onto the face.

Note: I normally wouldn't encourage a massage method as sometimes we don't know how much pressure we are putting it on. If the pressure is too strong (while massaging), it would massage the "dirt" and "makeup" and penetrates into the skin, which is wrong. We have to "dilute" the makeup and dirt out of our skin, not absorbing them.

this is how I normally do it, by massaging sideways and moving downwards

(3) Wet hands with water and massage it the same method above until the cleansing oil dilutes. Repeat this step several times until cleansing oil is fully diluted.

This pic will shows how the cleansing oil is diluted.

see the whitish thing there? :P This is how cleansing oil dilutes with water.

Up close..

Note: Make sure you don't straight away wash it immediately with water onto the face as the cleansing oil will not dilute the make up that way. :)

(4) Double cleanse with cleanser. This is to ensure our makeup and dirt is fully removed from our skin.

It is recommended to use cleansing oil/milk every time we wash our face especially if sunblock/BB cream is used to ensure no clogged pores. :)

I hope this helps for some of you out there. Happy Cleansing. mrgreen


Jenn said...

Congrats on the dotcom! :D I'm loving the new layout too!! :D

Nice step by step on how to use cleansing oils!! :D I personally love massaging my face though (gently of course, haha!)... so therapeutic!! :P

Which cleansing oil are you using now? :D

Sue said...

@Jenn: hahaha. terima kasih! :D I'm using BioBeauty's CO though. :D