Wakilala Products for Underarm - Wash Peeling and Bright Up Essence

November 7, 2009

Aloha people~ Yeah I know, it's the end of first week of November already. And I always hate the beginning of the month as I'm pretty much tied up with my work. *sigh*

Anyway, something that I wanna share is this...

Hahaha. Beauty for underarms :P

I don't really care much about my underarms seriously and what make it worst is that if you do shave alot, ingrown hairs and dark patches eventually will haunt you down, most of the time (for me.. -_-). Until one of my closest online friend who told me that if you have that dark patches there, it means that you don't wash it properly -_-". And they called them mosses. LOL!

So, I went to pick up my very first underarm product - the scrub. :D

*the above pic is the newest version of it, mine below was the older version*

This is how it looks like.

*Toner on the left, scrub on the right*

*I don't understand Japanese, so I can't translate anything rolleyes *

Here comes the scrub...

Product info from the Payeasy Web:









Rough translation (main point la.. ):
It says it helps lessen the underarm odour and also gives whitening/brightening to the underarm area.

How to use? After bathing, use the scrub adding with warm water at the underarm and chest area. Scrub for about 1-2 minutes and then rinse with water. Recommended to use 1 or 2x a week.

The Product:90g
Price: 249NT (I bought around RM35+- from fiobeauty)
From: Japan

My thoughts about it:
I like it! The texture of the product is creamy and it does not harm the skin. The "beads" of the scrub is not small, something like St Ive's scrub but it is so much softer and felt like whipped cream + butter on the skin. :P I used this product early this year and I find that it does do the job as describe (whitening effect, yes!). However, I noticed this result after using this for 4-5 weeks later lah.. With this price range, I have no complaints since I quite like the feeling of it. ;)

NA in Malaysia. Have to pre-order or buy online.


Next up is the Brightening essence, or I called it toner.

Actual product...

*Bright up essence on the Left*

The packaging. This one I got it 2 months ago, so I still have the packaging intact. :D

*Again, no translation confused*

But wait.. I saw a sticker behind. :D Luckily still can see some English here..

The cap...

From the payeasy web:

品牌:日本 BISON佰松


I don't seem to see much of the product function there.. But I saw this from a random website..
It says (roughly).. Helps to tighten up the pores, brighten up the underarm/dark patch area. Will lessen the "body sweat".

The Product:120ML
Price: 349NT (I bought it at RM36+- from fiobeauty)
From: Japan

My thoughts about it:
ALCOHOL. lol The first time when I was using this, I was pretty scared. Because I initially thought the toner will give some kind of cooling or maybe spicy kind of feeling .. (I know, too much imagination lol) I believed the alcohol content is pretty high with this one. It absorb into the skin pretty quickly and it gives a cooling feel on the underarm area. I doubt you can get this kind of cooling feeling from our deodorant ...

As for the effect, it does lessen the sweat from the underarms. And also the body odour is not so strong anymore cool (I'm a deodorant user, so I do feel this does helps me redface). The best of it is the cooling feel after the toner is applied. Super nice feeling. XD The toner also smells good too! Not overpowering, just nice!

NA in Malaysia loh.. I don't like the packaging also. I think Wakilala should change it to a pump bottle. I need to be very slow in pouring this toner out onto my cotton pad. This is because it spill out a lot of product as it is very watery (or I'm clumsy anyway...). Another comment from me is that I don't really see anybrightening effect, or maybe because I don't use this too regularly.. hmm... so I'll update this maybe another month later...

The ingredients:

BTW, I found this Gmarket seller has a pretty good pictures of it.. but in Korean language :(
*click to enlarge*

I'm not sure if there are any drugstore brand that offers this kind of "beauty care" for the underarm (not the salon kind).. do share if you have :D


hevn said...

This is interesting! I recently bought some underarm toner as well, still waiting for it to arrive but I bought a different brand. Still, I'm glad to see this review, if mine fails I know which to get :D

Jenn said...

this is interesting!! makes me wanna try it out (but i can't since i'm using perspirex now)!

yeah if you shave and have been using deodorants for quite sometime already you'll inevitably end up with darkened pits (like mua). quite embarassing! hehehe!! :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Dear I saw it in Sasa today but I didn't see how much was it though.

Sue said...

@Ashley, hahaha. Maybe you can try yours and let me know. Maybe I'll jump ship after this? who knows XD

Sue said...

@Jenn, yalor. Need to scrub like hell to make it white back :D hahaha, even though this is impossible :X

Sue said...

@Traclyn, oh... I didn't know SASA has it! Hmmm.. I'm so outdate la.. :X