Nail Hansen @ Queensbay Penang

October 21, 2009

Okay, to start off, this is just a random post that I wanted to share. Cuz' it is my first time. *shyyyy* :P


I went to Nail Hansen (in Queensbay Penang) last Wednesday, which is something I never did before in my whole life - Mani & Pedi. Serious.

I neither do my own nails as well. Other than cutting my own nails twice a month (maybe..). I really do envy people that did their own nails, like Nikki and also Ashley.

Not that I never try, I tried but with my shaky piggy hands, I have to re-do almost every nail because I failed miserably. Either the nail color looks messy, or the color doesn't like my nail. -_-Or maybe in other words, "lazy" :P

Since I got about 2 hours time before I meet up with my colleagues for lunch, I opted to go for a quick (sort of..) nail "spa" at Nail Hansen.

And here's what I got at the end of the whole spa session. *Please excuse my fugly foot pics XD*

I have ugly feet but I like the floweeerrr :D

The flower design is free when you do both mani and pedi spa. :)

I don't have a decent photo for these because I just took them for the sake of my "first time". XD

Then my fingerssssss.

*gosh, I just noticed my "hand wrinkles" ... :( *

Shiny shiny bling bling :D

And here's how it looks like after 4 days (on Sunday).

Still looks okay. But my toe nails doesn't look nice already. Because orang kasar ma. What to do.. :P

I did the "spa" or they called them "treatment" for hands & feet, which cost RM100. The lady there said this is their current promotion (which I don't know when they will end..) and she mentioned that treatment for feet only originally was RM80 wor... The treatment for hands was RM60, so add both was RM80 + RM60 = RM140, and now it is RM40 ringgit cheaper.

Overall, the experience was good. They scrub, cut, trim my toe and finger nails. I can imagine 20+++++ years of not maintaining them is.... $%$^$&^%! LOL! They also did soak my hands and feet into their parrafin wax. So hot can! -_-

This was really something for me. At least now you ask me about mani & pedi, I sure got the experience in them already! HAHAHA. I would pamper myself once in a while, but on a regular basis.. erm, maybe next time. ;)


Askmewhats said...

your toes aren't fugly at all! love the pedicure you got, the shade is perfect for the dainty flowers! i love!!!

hevn said...

You call your toes fugly? Good thing I didn't show you mine then. LOL! I totally love the purple on the toes, it looks great on you.

The reason i do my own nails is cause i can't afford to pay rm100 >.<;; but hey, you're looking reallll good so i might just someday give it a go :D

Tine said...

I remembered doing my first (and most likely last) paraffin wax on my feet (incidentally, also at the Nails Hansen at Queensbay Mall). I made a LOT of noise because it was so bloody hot. After what seemed like forever, my feet felt as though a layer of skin's been burned off. Ugh, never again.

About them painting the big toes, I'm not sure about the one at Queensbay Mall, but the Nail Hansen at Gurney Plaza add that in FOC for you if they're not swamped with customers :)

prettybeautiful said...

love the flowers on your toes!!! wish i could draw it myself instead of letting others earn the money from me. so gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Ok, this officially leaves me as the last person in the blogging planet who hasn't gone for a mani / pedi before! =X

I like the flower on your toe!! :D And hor, your toes where got ugly??

Sue said...

@Nikki, tqtq for your compliments :D Too bad I don't have the patience in drawing.. hehehe

Sue said...

@Ashley, TQTQ dear. hahaha, I don't think yours is so bad la. Mine is really bad coz I had bruises and nail falling out from my workout training. =.= So after the lady painted my toes, it sort of "concealed" it up. hahaha :)

Sue said...

@prettybeautiful, hahaha. TQTQ. I love your nail arts too! So envy~ :D

Sue said...

@Tine, yup. they did mine for FOC. maybe because QB's one not so many customers gua. hehehe. BTW, I agree with the wax. It was bloody hot for my feet! It stings for a little while and they goes away. But for the hands one, is not so hot. Or maybe mine already numb. hehehe

Sue said...

@Jenn, hahaha. NVM la. Sure got first time one ma. Go try out lah! :D BTW, my toes not up close. The "before" is super ugly leh. -_-

Joey said...

Halo, you got nice finger nails, I can see it will nice with some colour! Love the purple nail polish on you toes nail.
I like to paint my nails too! Mostly DIY nowadays

Toothfairy said...

both your toes and nails are pretty cute!!! how cool... My toes are pink at the moment, at my nails... yeah... well, let's not talk about them haha!


Sue said...

@Joey, hello! :D TQTQ. I envy people who really pampers their nails actually. :D

Sue said...

@Toothfairy, hehehe. TQ, but seriously my nails are not cute. hahaha. the before and after is a major difference! ;)

Resort Seeker said...

I tried their pedicure, it's terrible! The nail vanish was on my cuticle and it is not evenly coated... honestly if I have to do it myself I would have done a better job.