Sigma Brushes: SS188

July 21, 2009

I received a few emails on Sigma brushes. First off, I do not sell nor own Sigma brushes. I'm just like any other consumers who just bought them for the sake of their price which is a fraction of MAC's.

Secondly, some asked if I got SS188 brush. And I have it, until just recently...

The SS109 (the top one) is for one of my spree members and I only owned one SS188 (and not all four, mind you -_-).

Here's a little brief summary on both SS187 and SS188.

The length of both brushes are slightly different.

The brush shape is obviously different as well.

And the density of these brushes.

A more clearer pic...

SS188 retails for $14.

I saw some comments on people says that these Sigma brushes do frayed a lot. But for mine, they are still okay. Just like the way I got them in the first place.

As for the SS188, I love it! Soft and silky feeling on the skin. No crazy bleeding like the SS150 and does not shed too! Definitely recommend this one as an alternative from MAC's 188. :) BTW, I went to test and "feel" Etude's skunk brush since a lot of bloggers have raved about them. And I think they are not really comparable with Sigma's 188 or even SS187. The feeling of the brush is just different. Wait til I get my hands on that Etude's skunk brush and I'll do a photo comparison. :)

BTW, MAC's Color Craft collection has their 131 brush as well, I'm still thinking whether if it is worth the splurge on them. What do you think? :P

PS: Here's the 12 Brushes, the complete set without the brush roll from Sigma. :)


Meri L said...

hi there, I would like to know how the angled blush brush quality ? :)

Sue said...

Hi Meri L, Thanks for visiting. :)

Actually most Sigma brushes are quite good. And those brushes without the black bristles does not bleed. ;)

I do not owned the angled blush brush but it feels quite soft to me. :)

Anma said...

Hi! Im from the philippines... I also ordered the sigma brushes but I still havent recieved them yet. I was wondering how many weeks it took for you to get your order from the time they shipped it. Thanks!

Love your blog! Like reading about MAC.

kavukz said...


How much is the price for Sigma brushes? I went to KL and i totally forgot bout brushes.

Blame it on those mega sales!