MAC In Mode Workshop @ Penang with Yokoe Chan

July 30, 2009

I hope this isn't too late! :) What you see below is what I got to get during MAC In Mode workshop held at G Hotel, Penang recently.

Paid for RM250, get to redeem RM200 worth of products and RM50 goes to the workshop where I get to have a pencil, a note pad, an A4 Size envolope with a bottle of mineral water and some cupcakes/desserts (from G Hotel).

I didn't get to captured the whole room but this is what we get to use when we were at the workshop.

(psst.. did you spot makeupholics? :P )

A mirror, tissues, cotton pads and some SE brushes is the basic tools that we have on each of our table.

If MAC is trying to get us to buy their brushes, they shouldn't let us try those LE ones. Those are scratchy to me. -_-"

During the workshop, Yokoe Chan (the MAC Senior MUA) teaches us the basic routine of skincare up through the basic of make up. What's cool about it is that we get to really try their products. But they are quite stingy on their products though, each of us were given a very very small sample of product to try on.

You can see from the pic below... The foundation was scrapped from the MSFN and they gave us some Prep and Prime base for eye to try...

Don't you think the make up tray does look abit like a food tray or something? :P

On and all, the only item that catches my attention throughout the 2.5 hour workshop is the strobe cream. It glides on smoothly and doesn't feel oily. When I first gotta know about the product, the name just turn me off.. coz it says "cream". LOL! But good to know though.

I can also say throughout the whole workshop, I didn't quite learn anything but I did write something on my notepad (if not my RM50 is going down the drain.. LOL). Yokoe Chan sure did try very hard to please us as I think many of us (especially me :P ) didn't quite pay much attention to her. The room lighting is orange which had turn me off immediately when I started to take pictures around. I can't even really tell if the foundation / blusher did shows up on me.. Sigh.

But I did quite snap a few photos around though. :P

Here's Yokoe Chan. I like her hair style. So cute. :D

The lovely Joanne and me. Hm.. I really "play" alot in the workshop with her. hahaha. Until the trainer keep asking us if we are paying any attention or not... LOL.

(Joanne, I want those brushes! :P )

Last but not least, see who's there too!

Elyn (Makeupholics) and Ashley.

Our take no. 1 mrgreen

See.. I'm so short! Duh.

Our take no.2 mrgreen

Definitely love this pose. At least I am tall in this pic. LOL! :P

Here's the "after" workshop me... I just love the eyebrows drawn and corrected by Joanne. :P

But I hate the eye kohl. Duh. Some more Yokoe Chan ask us to draw our water line. -_-" It smudges on me immediately I close my eye. Argh. I dab the powder like crazy below my eye but it still smudges. Bummer. -_-"

Anyway, nice meeting up with the two pretty Elyn and Ashley. :D

But as for the workshop, I do hope MAC can just treat us much better in the future. I found out from a blogger that she got two samples free (strobe cream and cleanse off oil) from the workshop (which is the earlier session 11-2pm). Argh!! Why we don't have. :( Sigh...


Jenn said...

Sounds like you all had funnnnn!! :D Really sad that i cannot make it!! I hope there'll be another workshop soon!! :D

I love your brows too... and your skin!!! So flawless!! :D

ava vamp said...

I went to MAC workshop in Kuching. I paid RM250 and got to redeem RM250 back plus free sample of strobe cream and eye cream. It's odd that they do things differently in different city.

Sue said...

@Jenn: Yala. You didnt come. Cis! :P hehehehe. Aiya. flawless is fake one la. coz the foundation and the lighting ma. hahaha

@ava vamp: wah! not fair la. Penang one treated us differently. I know Singapore's MAC workshop is $50 and redeem back $50 + some nice goodies. :( heartache. LOL! :P

Makeupholics said... were actually taking pictures in between session ..I look so odd in the picture, niamah my makeup had never been so fucked up *cis* this is the 1st but it was really fun running into you sue you are adorably so cuteeeeeeeee. btw has anyone of MAC SA called you to get your details for the 2nd invite? I got a call like 2 days ago..hmm strange...wonder I should go after this..but it's good to see you Sue :D

hevn said...

First time I see Elyn using curse words!!

I agree with Elyn, Sue is so cuteeeee! XD makes me wanna cuddle and pat her on the head. LOL! Kidding, please don't throw things at me >.<;;

I love the 2nd pic of ours :D


kavukz said...

waaa..lucky u all! we don hv any in here..i mean in my small little town..*sigh*

u r soo adorable, Sue!

Sue said...

@makeupholics: hm. So far Joanne did not ask me about it, maybe is because I don't really pay much attention in class. LOL! But it is real fun seeing you in person!

Sue said...

@Ashley: Yeah!! hahaha. I like the second pic too! Coz we are at the same height. LOL!! XD

Sue said...

@kavuks: hahaha. TQTQ. Maybe you can come over to Penang to attend? But seriously, RM250 is really not worth for you as it is very very basic makeup workshop. :P