DARIYA 无痕浏海便利魔法发贴 Hair Fastener

July 14, 2009

Ha! It is so rare to see me blogging again. I always find blogging as a way of releasing stress (well, at least for me) to take my mind off work. :)

I'm going to talk about hair stuff today. My first time on hair accessories. mrgreen

I bet some of you may already have them but this is my first time getting them as a gift from a friend. (Thanks much babe! :D)

This was actually pretty cool!

I did a random search on Google and found some sellers sells them at the price of RM5. Which I think it is affordable. If I'm not mistaken, the lowest price that I've seen for this is RM1.50.

Up close of the hair "fastener" ...

Some Japanese words I think...

I only know how to read the instructions .... from the illustration. :P

In each packaging, there's two pieces of this hair fastener..

Very thin and almost-zero weight....

The first impression that I got is that "this really look familiar.. looks like my fastener for my books during my school days..."

*pic from Germes-online*

But if it is RM5 for 2 pieces of these that can last for some time, I think it is quite worth it. These hair fasteners sure is less harmful than my usual bobby pins and hair bands.

And it is super easy to use too!

I also saw these pics online on how to wear them.

Quite straightforward actually. All you need to do is grab your fringe and secure them with the hair fasteners, just like what you normally do with hair clips/pins.

Here's my "not so glamorous" version of wearing this. LOL!

It sticks on pretty well and even if you shake your head (not those violent shakes lah!), it won't fall off (maybe because it is still new) :D

Also available in 3 colors!

Cool right? :D Really save my money on hair clips! The downside of it is that I do not have the guts to wear them out though! :P


LyNn said...

yeah i've been wanting to get this
but the postage turned me down
the item is around rm 2?
posting the item is more exp than the item itself
but i know i need this thou. ish

Sue said...

yalor. But it is nice to use and wont hurt your hair as much as the hair clips does. hehehe

Anonymous said...

coollll...i first saw that in DSK's blog. Was wondering what on earth was that until i read ur blog. I want one eh..look convenient if stay at home..