EOTD - Bright Neon Colors for My Sleepy Eye

May 21, 2009

I'm seriously not good in coloring... Please excuse the mess and untidy-ness... twisted

This is my first ever EOTD here.. redface Normally my friends and colleagues expect me coming to work with bright eye colored eyeshadows, but the fact is, yours truly does not put any other stuff onto her eye other than eye creams (I don't think it is suitable for work and I don't have the time lahhh)...

But anyways, I was experimenting the colors these other day and I thought of having a yellow combo instead of the usual greens and blues...

Here's the outcome... *Please excuse the brows and ugly pores* :P

Item used on the eye:
Sweet scents - Neon pigment
MAC - Mega Rich pigment
MAC - Off the Radar Pigment
Kate Liquid Eye liner in Black
NYX Jumbo eye pencils in Milk (as base)
Sana eyelash curler
Covergirl Mascara

One thing that distracts me in this photo is my eye bags... -_- Damn fugly. LoL!

But anyway, I don't have a full face photo for this as I was just experimenting the color around for one of my online buyers as she commented that yellow is the hardest color to match.

Well, it really depends on what you are going for though, I do think Yellow color is a nice color especially if you have a sleepy eye like mine, it tends to "brighten" up the eye a bit.. :)

PS: Capturing the actual color is seriously a hard job for me... I don't have a good lighting for capturing photos like what I've seen in the other blogger's EOTD/FOTD.. Any other tips for this? Or maybe should I just give an early retirement for my camera? mrgreen


Jenn said...

Eh i LOVE this color combo!! The orange compliment the yellow so well!! And the yellow is so vibrant!! :D

it's true... capturing actual colors can be a PITA sometimes. i find that taking the colors under natural sunlight yields the best results! :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

KACHING! really bright but very nice! and the lashes look very natural on you.

about the camera settings, if your camera be able to change into manual setting, try to change the exposure.

plue said...

looks good on u without being puffy! :D

love it!

Sue said...

hahahaha. Thanks for the comments! :D BTW, I've also tried the settings of my cam, still not working. -_-"