Do you owned E.L.F yet?

May 26, 2009

I do. And I'm getting crazy over them, especially their brushes!

Okay, Stila is just irrelevant in the pic above. But that was my March haul actually. Right before they wave goodbye to our Malaysian counters. rolleyes

Anyway, back to ELF. The first time I read about them is from Connie @ Skindeco , then coming down was Plue @ Pinkyplue if I remember well. And now it is so common among the bloggers who have owned them! Thanks to our Spreers around in LYN.

Let's start from the things that I've gotten from my first haul.

.........Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Luminance............. ($1)

My my, it does look pretty from the pan and from the swatches...

And here's the description from the packaging..

Very pigmented. Color showed up with just one swipe.

Too powdery.
A little crappy on the packaging.

My Thoughts:
For $1, I don't have any complaints about it. But this needs to be handle with care. The bronzing powder is quite powdery, which is not my liking. But they are seriously pigmented and will crack into many thousand pieces (if this fells off my hand -_-").

My Rating for this bronzer:

......................Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow....................... ($1)

The color outlook is very sweet. Sweet peachy pink.

The packaging..

And did you know it's a product made in China?

And I do not like this packaging.. Sliding type of blusher.

see? But for $1, I don't think they would spend so much money on its packaging.

When I swatch them...

The blusher is super powdery. More powdery than the bronzer.

See the mark there? It's actually just a light swipe with my finger...

The ingredients of this blusher..

Very pigmented. Color showed up with just one swipe. Light shimmers.

Too powdery.
Not so convenient packaging. Very fragile as well.

My Thoughts:
Again, for $1, I don't have any complaints about this blusher. The color is also very sweet, not too peachy nor too pinky. However, the texture is too powdery. I would prefer if the texture is like their Contouring Blush & Bronzing powder (ELF Studio Line).

My Rating for this bronzer:

...........Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder...................... ($3)

* A comparison of its size with Stila's eyeshadow.*

This one is from the ELF studio line ($3 , more expensive), but the packaging is a lot nicer and easier to handle.

The swatches....

Instructions and Ingredients...

Better packaging. Matte body packaging and also comes with a mirror. Average color payoff (but not as good as their radiance blusher and bronzing powder).

I don't quite like the bronzer powder. A lil' too dark for my skin. Texture of the powder is quite hard / stiff.

My Thoughts:
This one was my biggest let-down. I was expecting this to be as good as their blusher (the color payoff) and the color isn't my liking. The blusher color looked sweet in the pan but when I swatch it, it's more like a tad-dirty (slight) kind of pink, and the bronzer color is too chocolatey. -_-"

My Rating for this bronzer:

......................ELF Powder Brush (Studio Line)........................................ ($3)

I seriously love this brush!

Just look at how dense this brush is! And the bristles is soft too!


On the skin....

The Packaging..

Nice handle. Soft bristles. No bleeding of brush when wash. No shedding.

A little too dense, maybe. (for powder application)

My Thoughts:
Out of all the stuff above that I've tried, this is the best! Their powder brush is awesome! I used this for my 2-way cake. And I heard Connie said that she liked this for her liquid foundation (which I still tried yet other than my stippling brush :P ). No bleeding, no shedding which awesome as well. This brush picks up my powder foundation beautifully as well, and I think this does a better job than my stippling brush too (for powder products). And because of this, I bought more... Ha ha!

I haven't really tried them thoroughly yet but I can say their bristles are all uber-soft too! And with $3 for such awesome brushes, definitely no complaint from me. :P

My Rating for this bronzer:

So have you owned ELF yet? I recommend to get the brushes first instead! mrgreen


plue said...

oooh! i like luminance, but hate the crappy packaging and it is too powdery.

i have the blush/bronzer too, but haven't test them out, and the powder brush! it's so-so or above average when it comes to powders, but for stippling your foundation, lovely! however, i think it's a little scratchy/pokey when i stipple it on my face. maybe my brush is dirty :P

Connie De Alwis said...

My luminance broke! it's now in a sifter jar which works better, IMO.

LyNn said...

i got their eyeshadow brush too!
the $1 not the studio line
i really wonder how it'll be like to own the natural radiance blusher and contouring blush bronzer powder. :(

prettybeautiful said...

i want the brush!!!!! i have some of the elf eyeshadows, quite nice and pigmented

Jenn said...

Yikes... everyone seems to be on the ELF train already except me!! Somemore its available here in India one!! >.<

I wanna try Luminance and their brushes!! :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Hehe I will soon get my very own of ELF when spree is done. Can't wait! hehe...enjoy yours!

Sue said...

@plue: Hm, it's a lil' pokey for the powder brush on me too, maybe because the bristles are really dense and packed.

@Connie: Yeah, I read about your experience with them previously. :(

@Lynn: Don't worry, maybe the color suits you well leh? :D

@prettybeautiful: LOL! The brushes are really good for such a low price! ;)

@Jenn: LOL! India has them? Wow! And I have to get them thru spree which needs to wait quite long. -_-"

@Traclyn: Yeah! I'm sure you'll enjoy yours too! ;)

Anonymous said...

my luminance and sun kissed shattered..clumsy me. sob sob. so i use it as eyeshadow instead. hey im linking you.. you're enpointe too right?? :D

Janice said...

i just bought some ELF stuffs.. gonna review them soon... i really like the powder brush already!!!

Thor said...

Sue where can i get E.L.F products? Any websites that you can recommend? Thanks! :)