My Experience : The Use of Stippling Brushes with Liquid Foundation

May 16, 2009

Wow. It's been almost 2 weeks I've been lazing around. LOL! I've been wanting to post this for quite some time already but my brain and my fingers just won't sync together (too lazy I suspect). Ha! mrgreen

I've found a new way of putting on liquid foundation - By Stippling Them.

But seriously, this is not something new for many of you. But for me, I'm a late boomer. :P So, bear with my babbling eh..

Here's a summary of how I use to put on my ICI aka Liquid foundation:-
(1) Using a foundation brush
Comments: This is a hygienic way but then it "eats up" too much of my ICI and sometimes the blending and consistency just doesn't do a good job on my face.

(2) Using fingers
Comments: Quite messy. Hard to reach places tend to miss out. May look patchy, inconsistency, blending have to be quick enough.

(3) Stippling method (My new method)
Comments: Air-brush look. Easy to handle but tend to use more ICI than intended.

I'll let pictures do the talking. BTW, I've actually used two brushes to do this. Both are stippling brushes but one is from MAC while the other is from Sigma. mrgreen

Here's what I do.

I put on some ICI on my back of my palm and twirl some ICI on my brush which will look something like this...

This is my MAC 187 with my ICI on it.

This is my SS187 (Sigma) with my ICI.

So I stipple it (or "tip" it ) into my face which looks something like this...

Here I present you the "after-effect" of these two brushes with the same stippling method.

With my MAC 187....

With my SS187....

In short, both of these two brushes serve me well. The SS187 is a little larger than MAC 187, hence the stippling work is faster. MAC 187 is denser than SS187, hence the stippling work is firmer than SS187. Both are great in my opinion.

On and all, I love the stippling method applying my liquid foundation as it feels "light" on my skin. One thing that I didn't like is that I have to wash it every time I used them. If the foundation works like a paint, it will somehow "stain" my brushes' white fiber. -_-

In conclusion, I'm pretty much satisfied with this method even though it uses almost double the amount of liquid foundation that I usually use (I had a hard time finishing my liquid foundation as well :P ).

Last but not least,I hereby attached my "before" and "after" look for you (just liquid foundation, no powder, no concealer).

PS: Please excuse the red patches - I don't have the purrrrr-fect skin eh.. :P

PS again: Hey peeps, I haven't been replying to any tagging game but I'll try to do them soon! :D


Traclyn Yeoh said...

Woohoo the air brush effects is really good. I'm still working with my stippling brush as it sheds all the time!

Jenn said...

Stippling is amazing right??? I love this method too... but i'm too lazy to use foundation most of the time!! XD

LyNn said...

i cant help but agree.
stippling is such an awesome method.
love how light it feels
the coverage is just nice.
:D i use it with my bb cream thou :P

Sue said...

@Traclyn, yeah. :D I don't like the shedding issue with my brushes too, especially working with cream/liquid. The hair just sticks to the face like glue -_-

@Jenn, Yes!! XD I'm lazy too, but then if I don't finish use them, I'll get heartache all the time. hehehe

@Lynn, Hi Lynn. Thanks for dropping by. XD How's BB cream feels like? Will it be too creamy? :)

Connie De Alwis said...

amazing effect! and great tut :) I use this method too with my 187. but I prefer to use my elf powder brush (flat top synthetic) since it's denser

Cyndi said...

The method actually give you flawless skin!!!

kavukz said... so gonna get tat much damage should i get prepare of?


btw, u got awarded.

Sue said...

@Connie, oh.. maybe I can experiment with my powder brush too! :D Thanks for letting me know... :D:D

@Cyndi : Oh, TQTQ.. You can try this method too! Thanks for dropping by as well! :D

@kavukz : hahaha.. MAC 187 is RM180 as of to date la... hehehe... Btw, thanks for the **award** :D:D

prettybeautiful said...

i have been so so tempted to get a stippling brush. and now i think i seriously should! the result is so amazing.