Sigma Makeup Brushes : For Face

April 20, 2009

Apologized for the long wait! Here I present you the crazily-out-of-stock Sigma Face Brushes...

When I got this set, the most attractive item was the face brushes! And of coz, the dupe of MAC 187 that I'm looking for.

Out of the three, I only fell in love with SS187. mrgreen But I'll go with the least favourite brush of the bunch first (save the best for the last :P).

Yup. The Buffer brush. Why I picked this? You gotta see the up close of this little brush.

Don't get it? I think you can understand when you see this pic below.

Do you think its a picture of my hair? (LOL!)

And out of the three face brushes, this buffer brush bleed and shed the most! Until today (after 3 washes), I still see them having their regular PMS. -_-"

Overall reviews: SS182

Picks up powder well.

Bleed like crazy.
Shed like no tomorrow.
Brush bristles are a little coarse and I do feel a little scratchy on my face.
The brush handle is a little short (or I have fat fingers! :P)

Compared to MAC:
MAC 182 is $45
Sigma SS182 $16(a fraction of MAC!)

My Rating for this brush:

Next up:

From the top...

It has the same brush bristles as the buffer brush. And of coz, they have the same problem - Bleed & Shed.

See that icky-ink?

Overall reviews: SS150

Picks up powder well. Has softer bristles and feels less scratchy than SS182.

The brush still bleeds after 3 washes. It does shed like crazy for the first wash, but sheds lesser now (2-3 strands).

Compared to MAC:
MAC 150 is $42
Sigma SS150 $16(a fraction of MAC!)

My Rating for this brush:

*Phew!* After the long blab, here's the best of the bunch!

I placed a brush guard since I used them for the brush bristles for a week already. And the shape was so much "flatten up". :D

Look how "Long" this brush is!!

Closer comparison (I'll let the photos do the talking)..

In terms of sizing...

Brush handle finishing...

Without the use of brush guard...

With the use of brush guard:

The brush head difference (with the use of brush guard)...

Brush head density (without the use of brush guard)

Overall reviews: SS187

Soft and fluffy bristles. MAC 187 has more firm bristles than this one. Picks up foundation quite well and blending job is as perfect as MAC's 187.

The brush bleeds a little. Just like my MAC 187, sometimes. If you look closer at the pictures, the black bristles are a little uneven (at the outer part). Also, the color of the fibers are ivory (tad yellowish) in color.

Compared to MAC:
MAC 187 is $42
Sigma SS187 $16(a fraction of MAC!)

My Rating for this brush:

Sigma Makeup's brushes are quite good in a whole, but I would highly recommend the SS187 if you are skeptical on the brush kits. :D

**Btw, Sigma Makeup just send me a newsletter today**

And do you know that some of the brushes (including SS187) are already available on their website?!!!


Connie De Alwis said...

excellent review....!!!! but you broke my heart :( I was having such high hopes on these brushes! now I don't think they'd be very goof investments after all.

Sue said...

@connie: awww *pats back*.. but they were okay. can't put high hopes on them though since we get for what we paid for. :D