Sigma Makeup Brushes: Essential Kit for Face and Eyes! Part I

April 9, 2009

Am I kidding you? I'm not!! I got it! Yay! *Jumps around, hands waving in the air mrgreen *

But seriously, the shipping method is really crappy. Just look at the envolope! Imagine I paid for a total of 3 brush sets (other 2 sets from other spreers) and the shipping is not cheap. And this is what I get! -_-" Luckily nothing went wrong.

At first, I was looking only at the header. I even thought I won something. -_-

Overall, I'm happy with my haul. I was really looking forward to this because everyone is talking about it!! I got it when I saw Koren's video and I thought I'll give it a try since my online friends were asking if I am able to do a spree on it.

And guess what, when I tried to purchase it again the next day (after I placed my 1st order), most of the brushes are gone! Out of stock! WTH!

I got the Eye and Face brushes kit. It comes with a small brochure.

Up close of it...

Let's look at some photos,shall we? mrgreen

The Powder Brush SS150. (Individual Price: $16)

Although there were some bristles coming off, but these were really fluffy and soft. They are dense but IMO, they are not as dense as the powder brush that I got from ELF. I prefer this one over the ELF's brush bristles because fluffier brushes can spread the powder easier and faster. :P

Buffer Brush SS182 (Individual Price: $16)

Size comparison with my Ciba Contact lens case. :P

I'm not a big fan of Kabuki/Buffer brush, seriously. But this attracts me because of its fluffy and soft bristles. My Coastal Scent's Pink Kabuki was a mess! I don't have a MAC one to compare though. However, I noticed that the bristles are a little uneven. It looks a little "senget" (distorted).

The eye brushes. (Individual Price: $9 each)

The eye brushes look fine to me. I read some of the reviews saying they are "super awesome" ,"so much better than MAC",etc and I think these are a little overrated to me.

For the SS224 (Blending eye brush), I noticed the bristles have assorted colors like brown, black, white, greyish color. And when I look at my MAC 226, they were all black bristles. I'm not sure about the actual MAC 224 though. But for me, the SS224 looks a little to big for blending. :)

Comparison of both MAC224 and MAC226

These brushes aren't exactly 100% the same as MAC. Most of the handle are longer than the MAC ones. And the Sigma brush handle are not as glossy as the MAC brush handle too!

SS219 and SS239

These are soft and fluffy too! The SS239 is very dense and firm. I like it!

Last but not least, The SS187 King brush :D (Individual Price: $16)

So many raves about this one! Looks like MAC but doesn't feels like MAC 187 to me.

SS187 bristles are softer than the MAC 187, the handle is longer. Also, the white fiber are a little more denser than the MAC 187. If you look closer at some of the bristles above, the outer black bristles was so "out of shape". -_-

A comparison between MAC187 and SS187.

Please excuse the MAC187, I haven't bath them. Too excited to bring it out to meet it's clone! mrgreen

The SS187 is a little bigger than the MAC187 too! I think this brush would be good for blushers / powder. :)

I have not wash all of these brushes yet. I've only washed SS187 and it bleeds!! Like crazy. Just like my Coastal Scent's Pink Stippling Brush.
neutral I do hope it doesn't bleed again during my second wash.

I think I will write another in-depth review about these brushes once I've used them thoroughly. twisted

Oh, another thing, they are coming up with SS188 and SS109. I'm not sure if I'm keen to get those as well. Argh, decisions decisions!


Traclyn Yeoh said...

Yay, you have your Sigma brushes. I saw them from Skindeco, raving about it. Envy you, I can never afford them, hahaha! Enjoy them!

Connie De Alwis said...

Cool! you got yours already! I'll be waiting for your review. Hmm... from the pics they don't look as soft as raved. Maybe I'm just too used to synthetic brushes nowadays. Lol.

Sue said...

@Traclyn: Hahaha. TQTQ. I thought these were my options since I can't afford MAC.

@Connie: I couldn't really tell them because I haven't really used them. But they do bleed like crazy when I gave them their first bath. :S

心。葵 @ plue said...

lol, i think i shall NOT buy sigma after reading your thoughts. i have more than enuff brushes!

Jenn said...

Hmmm... although this brand got ALOT of raves, i'm somehow skeptical about how good it is compared to MAC!!

Ok i admit, i'm biased towards MAC... hehehe!!

Sue said...

@Plue: LoL! It's not a must have lor if you ask me. Unless you really need one then can buy, since it is a cheaper alternative to MAC.

@Jenn: Ya. Actually most of the brushes are a little longer than the MAC ones. If I have not wash these brushes, I definately would say I love these brushes to death! hahaha. :P