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November 2, 2008

I feel so guilty now, thanks to Paris mrgreen

I realized I have quite an amount of cosmetic stash lying around in my room. Being ignored by their owner. rolleyes

One of my old favorite mascara - Skin food's Mini Curl lash mascara that I used to raved a lot in MYB is heading it's way to the trash bin very soon

SF mascara
I always used to love this mascara.

Everyone can own this mascara with its affordable price (about RM28).

Because of my lashes are so short and stubborn ,only two mascaras I have tried (in my life) will curl them up nicely. One is this one, and the other is Anna Sui's long lash mascara.

The mascara wand is pretty tiny and with it's light-weight mascara formulas, I seldom get clumpy & icky lashes sticking up together like some cockroaches legs. -_-
SF mascara

Sigh, I missed this mascara so much and after thinking back about how good the effect it gives me, now I'm itching for any tube of this.

I really need to do some spring cleaning already.

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心。葵 said...

WB! :P
I didn't know you have this :P
i'm midnight_plue from MYB :P

i quite like this too! becuz of the brush~ but sadly, it tends to smudge a tiny bit on me :(

can I add your blog to my blog list? :D