Niu Er: CoQ10 Rejuvenating Emulsion

November 1, 2008

Wondering what this cool + gold-looking bottle is?

It's a very light weight moisturizer from one of the Skincology Q10 range (brought to you from the famous 牛爾, also referred from Ladies first / 女人我最大).

The actual advertisement from Payeasy looks like the below picture. It looks more elegant in real life, huh?razz

If you haven't heard of who & what Skincology is all about, I bet you sure know who Niu Er (牛爾)is.

I haven't tried the whole Q10 range, but what I can say about this emulsion is that it works well with my skin.

FYI: "CoQ10 also referred to as Coenzyme Q10 "

The product:
Product Form: Liquid Type.
Description: Light-weight and almost fragrance-free emulsion. Also acts as a moisturizer, which comes in a pump bottle.
Size: 50ml
Suitable for All Skin Types
Price: 500Taiwan Yuan, RM65 (plus minus) upon conversion

Let's take a step closer to the product.

The Pump

The bottle

The label below the bottle which indicates the steps to follow in Chinese.
below label
Translation: Emulsion will make your skin softer and enhance skin hydration. To be used day & night, apply about 5 cent (Taiwan $$) size of the product and gently massage until product is absorbed completely on the skin.

And last but not least, the liquid~
Overall reviews:
I'm using this emulsion as my night moisturizer and I feel that the emulsion absorbed to the skin almost instantly after it is applied. It does not feel oily on my skin and I can feel a slight "skin tightness". In other words, this product with Q10 benefits will actually prevent damage to collagen and elastic production process and help you avoid wrinkles. mrgreen

My rating:


Laney said...

Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

engmin said...

hello sue,
where did you get your niu er products from?

Sue said...

Hi engmin,

Sorry for the late reply. I got it from